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Who the @#$%! does Jim Cramer think he is?

I love the cover of this week’s New York Magazine: Who the @#$%! does Jim Cramer think he is?

Cover20070604_cramerYou will never read a more self-deprecating article from a living author in your life:

"God knows why, but there seems to be a market for this kind of idiocy.
In that first year, the ratings took off; the network put the show in
not one, not two, but three time slots; I made the cover of Business Week;
and less than a year later, I was improbably filling college halls with
cheering student fans (for some reason, college kids are an especially
eager audience for my show). But sometimes it feels like for every
person who likes what I do, there are a dozen who hate me for it. Mad Money
has spawned legions of haters, people who write about the show and my
character in really negative, sometimes pretty nasty ways. These people
accuse me of being a clown or an idiot. Usually, I agree with them.
When people ask for my autograph, I instantly hate myself. Half the
time I don’t believe I even deserve a television show, and the other
half I spend believing that no one is more deserving of a show. Slap me
and I’ll change my mind like Faye Dunaway in Chinatown.
People also accuse me of being irresponsible or giving bad advice. I
don’t agree with that. Some of them have even questioned my integrity
recently. That I find absurd.

As a 52-year-old father of two, a suburbanite, and a guy whose only big
interests are stocks and sports, I find it incredible that I could be
popular at all, let alone controversial. It is a mystery to me that I
am so loved and hated at the same time, although I’m pretty sure
writing an entire story focused on myself, like I’m doing right now,
can only push more people into the hate column. When I wrote my first
book, Confessions of a Street Addict, a disgruntled former
employee came out with his own book about me at roughly the same time.
I can’t remember who, but one of the funniest reviewers asked why the
heck there was even one book out about Jim Cramer, let alone two! I’m
not usually one to go in for humility, but this is the kind of question
I find myself asking a lot lately. Don’t get me wrong: I love doing my
show and consider it a success, but compare the numbers with the rest
of cable news and you can see that there aren’t really that many people
watching. And yet it feels like there are as many stories written about
me as there are about a guy like Bill O’Reilly, who is much more
controversial than I am, talks about more important things, and has a
much bigger audience. Maybe it just feels this way to me because so
many of the stories written about me are negative (and I’m the one
noticing), but it seems as if I get a disproportionate amount of media

The entire article is worth a read . . .

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