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You ARE Your FICO Score

You probably saw yesterday’s front page WSJ article, Subprime Debacle Traps Even Very Credit-Worthy.

The real fun was the great set of interactive charts on how your credit profile impacts underwriting and rates at


courtesy of WSJ


How awesome is this New Century Rate Sheet?


courtesy of WSJ


You are your FICO score . . .


Getting to ‘Yes’

Subprime Debacle Traps Even Very Credit-Worthy
As Housing Boomed, Industry Pushed Loans To a Broader Market
December 3, 2007; Page A1

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Quote of the Day

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Rally Continues on Bernanke Comments

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Combined Value of Leading Credit Sources

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Inflation? What Inflation?

A tale of two headlines:

Inflation Fears Hit Eurozone


Goldman Sees Funds Rate Cut to 3%

Won’t someone please explain this to me?

How is it possible that the regions of the world with strong currencies — like Europe, U.K., Australia, and Canada — are having inflation problems. And yet at the same time, the nation having a record low currency — i.e., the United States and our Dollar — doesn’t seem to either inflationary pressures (At least according to official CPI data). And we seem to have little concern about further currency induced price increases.

Am I the only person who finds this incongruent?

If Goldman Sachs is correct, and the Fed does eventually cut rates to 3% — what might that mean for various dollar priced commodities like Oil & Gold?

Probably very little — if (and this is a big IF) we are in the throes of a recession. But what if the Bulls are right, and this is merely a mild mid cycle correction?

A 3% Fed rate could mean Oil at $150 and Gold at $1200.

Excerpts after the jump . . .



Inflation fears hit eurozone

By Ralph Atkins in Frankfurt and Krishna Guha in Washington
FT, November 27 2007 18:02

Goldman Sees Funds Rate Cut to 3%
Greg Ip
WSJ, November 27, 2007, 9:26 am


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Prices Fall, Inventories Rise, NAR Spins

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More Off-Balance Sheet Risks: Conduits

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Citibank Receives Emergency Cash Injection

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Subpar Scorecard

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2008 Housing: Increased Defaults, Decreased Prices

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