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Fannie Mae: Ouch!

On Friday, we noted that Fannie Mae Looks Like Hell. In the weekend linkfest, we noted the Fortune article about Fannie Mae, as well as out own "Sell" on the stock.

The emails from numerous readers were fascinating. I learned some things about my ancestry that turned out to be less than complimentary; I got to imagine several hypothetical yoga positions that, unless one is amazingly flexible, appear to be impossible. I was also informed that I had no insight whatsoever into "how the trading of stocks works." Oh, and, it turns out that according to one emailer, I am "f$%^ing clueless." My favorite was the one suggesting I should get cancer and die. 

The closest thing to legitimate criticism came from B, who this morning noted it was "better to be lucky than smart."


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For those people who are still interested, despite the myriad of issues with my ancestry, intellect, and "f$%^ing cluelessness," I believe covering half of any short positions today is the prudent approach to such an outsized move — 10 points in 2 days . . .


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Fannie Mae Looks Like Hell

Fannie Mae’s fuzzy math: Fortune magazine reported that the lender changed the way it discloses bad loans, which could be masking rising credit losses. “Investors might want to take a closer look at Fannie Mae’s latest earnings report. Lost in the unsurprising news of the mortgage lender’s heavy losses was a critical change in the…Read More

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