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What’s in Your Money Market ?

Interesting chart from Mike Panzner of an "enhanced money market fund" that — allegedly — used subprime-related assets to boost returns.

The symbol on Bloomberg is: AXUSLCU LX
Equity.  I use the phrase "allegedly", because I have not as yet been able to confirm
the exact nature of what triggered this nice little mark-down…

AXA IM Fixed Income Investment Strategies – US Libor Plus fund is
a fund registered in Luxembourg. The investment objective of the Fund is to
produce an annual total rate of return on a net of fee basis which exceeds
the benchmark (one month Libor) index rate of return of 50 basis points.


AXUSLCU daily chart with 50 and 200 day moving average



I always say, there is nothing more expensive than reaching for Yield.

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