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Dollar Weakness

Here’s another fun quote, via the NY Sun:

"The last time the dollar was this low, Jimi Hendrix was on tour," the director of equity research at Fusion IQ, Barry Ritholtz, said.

Now, I find this quite intriguing.

Why? Well, any interview I do with print media runs pretty much the same way. I give a short answer to the immediate question, than some background for context (usually random and long-winded babbling). I always slip something in that amuses me, which almost never gets used.

Until lately. These quips — note the musical theme — seem to be increasingly finding their way into print. And I wonder why. I do the same interview pretty much each time; Missus BP will assure you that I am no wittier than before.

Has the media simply tired of boring dry discussions? Is it a bit of recessionary gallows humor? Or perhaps the economic beat reporters are younger, of the generation who grew up in an era of sarcasm and ironic detachment and The Daily Show?

Regardless, I find it an intriguing change . . .


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