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Socialism, Capitalism and Bitcoin

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WSJ: Investors Look Toward Safer Options

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The Currency Printing Process

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Has the Dollar Really Lost 97% of Its Value? (No)

  One of the favorite tropes of the “End the Fed” crowd is the “falling purchasing power of the U.S. dollar.” Google that phrase, and you will be rewarded with 91,100,000 results. (drop the “U.S.” and it doubles to 187,000,000 results). The problem is, nearly all of these arguments are wrong. As Matt Busigin of…Read More

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2010 Reminder: QE = Currency Debasement and Inflation

One of my biggest complaints about the media is the lack of accountability. People say things on TV in print an on radio, and then . . .  Poof!  No consequences. They influence public perception of issues, affect policy debates, drive legislation. This is a perfect example of a stern warning of currency debasement and…Read More

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The Optimal Currency Area in a Liquidity Trap

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Past, Present, and Future Money (Topologies, Powers, Trends)

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topology of money
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China Invented Every Form of Money

9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Money China: Invented every single major form of currency: metal coins, paper money, and fiat currency not backed by precious metals Seized gold six centuries before Franklin Roosevelt, in order to prop up its fiat currency and prevent runaway inflation Debt Forgiveness Is The Basis for Modern Civilization Religions were founded…Read More

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