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Seven Big Numbers for 2007

Andrew J. Burkly of by Brown Brothers Harriman & Co does a nice "numerical" preview each year.  Here are his Seven Big Numbers for 2007:

The all-time high in the S&P 500 Index is 1552.

2007 is year 3 of the presidential election cycle, the best performing of the four-year cycle.

Flows into world funds exceeded domestic funds by $122 billion last year (through Nov.).

The peak in the 10-year Treasury yield in 2006 was 5.25%.

$45 is a critical level for crude oil to defend.

The lower end of the trading range in spot gold is $550.

A break of 80 would imply a longer-term secular decline for the U.S. Dollar.

Seven Big Numbers for 2007
Andrew J. Burkly, CFA, CMT
BBH, January 9, 2007

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