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Home Currency Issuance in Global Debt Markets

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Hong Kong – The Peg is Not Likely to be Changed

Hong Kong – The Peg is Not Likely to be Changed By Peter T. Treadway July 15, 2014       In my opinion, the Hong Kong dollar peg, which has been set since 1983 to the US dollar at 7.80:1.00,   should and will remain unchanged. There are sound economic reasons for this but…Read More

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Virtual Currencies

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Economic Consequences of Leaving the EU

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History of Money

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Money is No Object

I dont agree with everything from this school of thought, but this is an interesting and informative primer.     Money is No Object from Mitch Green

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The Foreign Currency Fix

The authorities are suggesting that a group of London traders, known as the “cartel” and the “mafia,” may have been illegally dipping into the $5.3-trillion-a-day currency trade.

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Source: NY Times

By Channon Hodge, Aaron Byrd and David Gillen March 11th, 2014

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Shit Bitcoin Fanatics Say

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The Collective Delusion that is Bitcoin (and All Currencies)

When I first stated traveling for work, I was surprised and amused by the various currencies I saw. Pre-euro, one would encounter a multitude of paper bills of different sizes and colors, each imprinted with a famous man or woman I probably hadn’t heard of. Imagine that: The locals actually believed these silly pieces of…Read More

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