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Currency War?

Currency War?
David Kotok
February 11, 2013



“Currency War” is the latest hot title. It’s now on the front pages, triggered by the policy change in Japan. In only two months the Japanese yen has weakened about 15% against the US dollar.

Let’s reflect on this important development.

First, a simple case study.  Suppose there were just two countries and just two currencies.  Suppose country A decided to try to weaken its currency so it could sell more stuff at cheaper prices to country B, thus undercutting B’s domestic producers.  B could resist by raising a tariff on the incoming stuff that A was trying to sell. Or it could retaliate by cheapening its own currency to counter the price differential.  The first form of retaliation is a trade war; the second is a classic currency war. The economic history of the 1930s is replete with examples of each and combinations of both.  History shows us that the results were disastrous for the global economy and led to a world war.

But is there a third alternative? What about the role of interest rates?

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“One, two, three, four, I declare a currency war!”

War Games By Grant Williams January 29, 2013     The Asian currency crisis of 1997 contained the seeds of an East vs. West currency conflict, but catastrophe was averted, despite the damage that was done to the US deficit and the seeds that were sown for a decade-long war of words between the US…Read More

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One year in the life of the Euro

click for ginormous chart Source: FT Alphaville   Fantastic annotated chart from Morgan Stanley by way of FT Alphaville  

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Yen weakening materially

The Australian Central Bank, the RBA stated that it had increased sales of the A$ last month to a number of buyers, including foreign central banks. The sales amounted to US$500mn, the most since June 2009. The A$ declined on the news – currently US$1.0337. For full disclosure purposes, I remain short the A$, against…Read More

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Euro vs USD between 2008-2012 (-3%)

From start to finish of the 2008-2012 term the USD only lost approximately 3% to the Euro. There’s been quite a few 20% moves in between making it challenging for both buyers and sellers.

As a reminder, the Dollar’s Biggest Decline was from 2001-08 — down 41%

Nov.6, 2012 Election day, trading at approximately 1.28

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All The Money The Government Is Printing This Year, In One Graphic

  Source: All The Money The Government Is Printing This Year, In One Graphic Miki Meek NPR, October 16, 2012

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What is Money?

The Island Of Stone Money

Source: NPR

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History of Exchange-Rates Regimes

click for full graphic



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Controlled Break-up of the Euro?

A controlled break-up of the euro would be hugely risky and expensive. So is waiting for a solution to turn up
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Source: The Economist

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The Euro

The Euro – When Will the Euro Collapse? It’s Already Dead In reality, whether it is a few months or a decade away does not make as much difference as you might suppose. Why not? Because in most of the ways that actually matter, the euro is already dead. The Financial Times – Greece…Read More

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