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How We Can Predict the Next Financial Crisis

Didier Sornette: :

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Household Deleveraging: Almost Over?

@TBPInvictus Below I give you two related (and therefore similar) measures of household leverage: Household Debt Service Payments and Household Financial Obligations, each as a Percent of Disposable Personal Income: Each has hit a record or near-record low for the maximum observable period (regrettably only 33 or so years). The question must be asked: Is…Read More

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Major Asset Classes: 1850 – Present

Click to enlarge   I do not ever recall seeing all these in one place in one chart: S&P 500, DJIA, Gold, Silver, West Texas Intermediate, Total Debt as a % of GDP and the US 10yr to 1850. Many of these are at or close to all time highs. (Note the exception is the…Read More

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Income Growth This Cycle Is Unimpressive

Source:  Real Time Economics     As the chart above shows, this is not an especially impressive recovery in terms of Real Disposable Income. As we have discussed, this is not your typical post-recession recovery — it is a post credit-crisis recovery, and thats why metrics such as GDP,  Job creation, wages and even inflation…Read More

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Bull Markets Since 1871: Duration and Magnitude

Butler|Philbrick|Gordillo and Associates have an interesting post called What the Bull Giveth, the Bear Taketh Away on the duration and magnitude of all bull and bear market periods in U.S. stocks since 1871. For the purpose of the study below, we examined the S&P 500 price series from Shiller’s publicly available database to understand the duration and magnitude of all…Read More

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Bubble/Mania Cycle

Bubbles and Manias Source: Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Dept. of Global Studies & Geography, Hofstra University   Fascinating chart showing the psychological of a longer market cycle via Prof Jean-Paul Rodrigue.   Previously: Lagging Psychology at Turning Points Investor Sentiment Wheel Psy Cycle Economic Cycles and Investing

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The Truth About Market Timing

Yesterday in Barron’s, Mark Hulbert asked: “So, How Did the Market Timers Do?“: “Now is a perfect time to ask these questions: With the stock market back to where it stood in October 2007, the last five-and-a-half years constitute an ideal laboratory in which to judge the success of market timing in the real world….Read More

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Professor Sylla: More Dow Records to Come?

Richard E. Sylla, financial historian and professor of economics at NYU’s Stern School of Business, discusses the likelihood of a series of markets highs, the impact of the Fed’s ability to keep interest rates down, and the tendency for investors to buy high and sell low, in a big interview with WSJ’s Jason Zweig.


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Manufacturing Jobs 2003-2013

U.S. Employment Situation (February 2013) click for larger graphic     Bruce Steinberg puts the past decade (or 5) of Employment data into a bigger context, detailing in particular the impact of Manufacturing Jobs: “Manufacturing, which declined 16.6% or about 2,270,000 jobs, from January 2008 to January 2010, were up 4.3%, or about 500,000 jobs,…Read More

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U.S. Business Cycle: Yo-Yo Years

Source: Economic Cycle Research Institute

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