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Real Estate Day Synopsis

Yesterday seemed to be Real Estate day around here. A more eclectic set of posts in one place you are unlikely to find. (I hope to return to a more focused economics/markets/trading posts later today).

In case you missed any of it:

The Pending Home Sales Contract Rally? Was Monday’s Rally realy caused by the slight bump in the pending home sales index?

Real Estate Roller Coaster Very clever visualization (via SpeculativeBubble) of US Home prices plotted as a roller coaster.

Top 15 Creditors (by Size) to New Century: Goldman Sachs has emerged as the single biggest creditor of New Century, the American sub-prime mortgage lender, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Shiller on Housing: Yale professor Robert J. Shiller on "Long-Term Perspectives on the Current Boom in Home Prices" in The Economists’ Voice. 

Good stuff — must reading for the perenial R/E bottom callers . .  .

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Shiller on Housing

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Real Estate Roller Coaster

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The Pending Home Sales Contract Rally?

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Cheapest Stocks in Two Decades based on Flawed Fed Model

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Final Q4 GDP: Goldilocks has left the building

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Q4 ’06 GDP: 2.5%

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Case Shiller Housing Composite Flips Negative

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New Home Sales: 7 Year Low

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