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I came across an interesting stock screener/filter recently:


Its described by some of the creators as a "MySpace for stock picking" (but I’m not sure if thats a good thing). A better way to think about it is more like Amazon’s recommendation engine. If you put in a  stock (or a full watchlist of stocks), the system’s algorithm or colloborative filters will spit out recomendations from hedge funds, mutual funds, and investors like Buffett, Soros, etc. who own similar stocks to yours.

You also can browse through these portfolios (hedge funds, mutual funds, Buffet, Soros, etc.)

James Altucher is involved, and even though we frequently disagree about macro-economics, he has a good history with both hedge funds and online stock analysis.

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New Home Starts? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

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Ted Rall is channelling my wealth discussions!

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Soft Landing Continues to Fade

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Real Estate Sales Slump Generating Ugly Press

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Internal Strength of Market

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Breadth and Volume, improving but . . .

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What is Wealth, part II

Yesterday’s NYT had an article about wealth that fell into several of the usual traps of this discussion. To his credit, David Leonhardt looked at a few aspects of the question. He did not manage to avoid two of the major traps when it comes to this discussion — the two sided nature of any…Read More

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The Illusory World of Economic Forecasting

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What’s Really Propping Up The Economy?

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