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Record Cash in Money Funds

The WSJ noted that, according to the Money Fund Report
newsletter, "Investors to money-market funds added $21.26 billion in
the week ended
Tuesday, bringing total net assets to a record $2.333 trillion. The
previous record had stood since Dec. 10, 2002."

About 86% of the money came from Institutional investors — $18.32 billion; individual investors contributed $2.94 billion.

This sort of data is always tough to draw conclusions from: We know there is a record amount of cash in Money Markets, but the tough question is why?

I can think of many reasons — none of which have any quantitative support:

• Hugely profitable, cash rich corporate earnings gotta sit somewhere;

• Skittish investors don’t believe the rally, leaving money "safe;"

• Big bonus pools/high earners cash not put to work yet;

• The ongoing option backdating scandal  continues to plague investor confidence;

• There’s always been huge cash on the sidelines, even thru the 1990′s bull market;

iMoneynet, the source of this data, expects to see this cash hoard continue to rise into 2007.

Is this pile of cash significant? That is an interesting question, and one I simply do not know the answer to . . .


iMoneynet, December 1, 2006

Money-Fund Assets Hit Record
WSJ, December 14, 2006; Page B8

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