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Buy Versus Rent Spreadsheet

One of the very cool things about Google Spreadsheets is how fully web integrated it is. The web side of it is not an afterthought, but rather a key part of its design and construction.

The blogger of a Real Estate agent in Colorado decided to post this spreadsheet that allows a potential buyer or seller to determine which form of occupancy works best for them. His model lets you plug in for 10 factors:

1. Expected appreciation rate
2. Interest rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage
3. Purchase price
4. Property taxes
5. HOA fees
6. Capital gains when you sell (if applicable)
7. Maintenance costs
8. Holding period
9. Estimated tax deduction (for the full holding period)
10. Alternative monthly rent.

Yes, it is a basic analysis; But its so fascinating how easily apps of this type can be shared with anyone online.

Expect to see a whole lot more of these kinds of applets as web integration accelerates.


Buy Versus Rent Spreadsheet


Three questions about this:

1) How easily is it to integrate Excel — a desktop app — into the website versus a internet-based spreadsheet?

2) Have these free web based apps evolved to the point where they are a legitimate competitor to Excel?

3) How much share can this steal?

This is a far more refined app than I previously perceived it to be . . . 

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