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Housing by the Numbers

What a difference a year makes:

Housing by the numbers

Housing Stat Year Over Year Change
Builders’ sentiment -52.2%
New-home sales -21.6%
Purchase-mortgage applications -20.9%
Building permits -20.8%
Housing starts -13.3%
Existing-home sales -11.2%
Existing-home inventories +39.9%
New-home inventories +22.4%



This is one of those (rare) occasions where I will simply shut up and let the data speak for itself . . .


Hat tip: Nouriel Roubini, RGE


Existing-home sales plunge to a two-year low
Inventories of unsold homes rise to 13-year high
Rex Nutting
MarketWatch, 2:12 PM ET Aug 23, 2006

Eight Market Spins About Housing by Perma-Bull Spin-Doctors
Nouriel Roubini
RGE, Aug 26, 2006

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