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Data Visualization: What Does a NYC Taxi’s Day Look Like?

This is an absolutely fascinating — hypnotic even — depiction of what the daily metrics of a New York City Taxi looks like, overlaid on top of a map. You can track passengers, distance traveled, revenue, even tips.

Bravo! I wish we could make the data from our business (Financial planning/asset management) look this compelling!


click for interactive digital
Taxi Day


Hat tip

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A Not So Beautiful Deleveraging…

Regular readers of mine know I spend lots of time debunking bias and cognitive errors. With the markets up as much as they have been, it has been easier to find examples of that error in the bearish camp than the bullish one (See this as an example of cognitive bias in action). The bulls…Read More

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The Antibiotic Abacus

Source: Information Is Beautiful

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Google Search Volume by Language

click for interactive graphic Source: AppSpot

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Five Boroughs: Building Age NYC

Click for an awesome map. Source: Brandon Liu

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What Is the St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index?

For the week ending June 6, the St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index (STLFSI) rose to -1.256 from -1.289. The latter is currently the lowest level on record for the index, which goes back to December 1993. The recent increase in the index was the first in the past five weeks, and the index has…Read More

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Single Variable Market Analysis is for Losers

If you work in finance, you will invariably come across an example of single-variable analysis. Almost daily, we see terrible examples of this sort of analytic error, rife with logical weakness, yet offered with the highest degree of certainty. The way this works is as follows: Some ominous data point will be shown, along with…Read More

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Change in private manufacturing jobs, by county

Source: NY Times

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FRED, the St. Louis Fed’s Force of Data

We love FRED!

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World Cup of Everything Else

The WSJ has an insane chart of just about any factor you could think of to slice and dice the World Cup competitors.   Click for insane interactive graphic Source: WSJ

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