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Long Term Unemployed

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Source: Economist

Another interesting datapoint worth discussing

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Diving Deeper into the Nexus Between Part Time Jobs & ACA

Mike Shedlock takes me to task for our discussion on ACA/Part time Jobs: Did Obamacare Cause an Increase in Part-Time Employment?  which led to this response Measuring What Didn’t Happen: Did Obamacare Cause an Increase in Part-Time Jobs? No Says Ritholtz, and Reuters; Yes, Says Mish. I was pushing back against the “ACA caused all…Read More

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The New American Center

  This is the first two of 13 charts that help to define the new American “Center” click for all 13 graphics Source: Esquire    

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Excerpt “According to Nielsen, from data provided by managers at Nielsen SoundScan, which collects recorded-music sales information, of the eight million unique digital tracks sold in 2011 (the large majority for $0.99 or $1.29 through the iTunes Store), 94 percent – 7.5 million tracks – sold fewer than one hundred units, and an astonishing 32…Read More

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Updated Schedule of BLS News Releases

The shutdown is over. Now BLS can back to the business of releasing data that I will mostly ignore.   click for updated release schedule  

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If you want to understand the government shutdown and crisis in Washington, you need to get inside the base of the Republican Party. That is what we are doing in the Republican Party Project and these focus groups with Evangelicals, Tea Party, and moderate Republicans. All the passion, nuances and divisions found expression when we…Read More

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The Problem With Financial Media

I am working on this week’s WaPo column, based loosely on last week’s open thread on the value of the Financial Media. I have a 23 bullet points I am trying to cut down to a dozen or less. Here are two: Too Much Noise, Too Little Signal:  The biggest problem most investors encounter is…Read More

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Poll: 68% Say Washington on Wrong Track

click for ginormous graphic Source: Bloomberg   Most Americans say the country is on the wrong track: “Americans also are pessimistic about the course of the country, with 68 percent saying it’s headed in the wrong direction, the most in two years, according to the poll of 1,000 adults conducted Sept. 20-23.” Note this is…Read More

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Changes in the American Family, 1970-2012

Click for ginormous graphic Source: Quartz   Discuss . . .

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Half of US PopulatIon Lives In < 10% of the land mass

Half of the total US population is clustered in less than 5% of its counties — that is just 146 out of over 3000. Eyeballing it, it looks like about ~7% of the continental land mass (not counting Alaska, which is huge). Imagine that: Much less than 10% of the land mass houses more than…Read More

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