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A Year of Islamic State Terror

Click to watch the animation.

Source: Washington Post

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Not All Fed Speak Is Equal

Useful graphic from the WSJ showing the relative significance of each Federal Reserve official, and their theoretical impact on interest rates.   click for ginormous graphic Source: WSJ

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Map of the World According to Donald Trump

Source: Fusion

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Short-Term Thinking

From Dealbook: From Wall Street to Washington and in the towers of academia, people are buzzing about what some say is the pernicious focus in corporate America on short-term profits. To understand the debate, it helps to understand the various forces that contribute to the pressures on companies to focus on short-term financial results. Those…Read More

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How the Stanford Endowment Stacks Up

Source: Chief Investment Officer

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The Liquidity Gap

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Likelihoood of Receiving the 2016 Republican Nomination

Source: Predict Wise

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Where the US Gets Its Electricity

Source: Bloomberg

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The Fall of the Mighty Euro

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My Interview on the Going Deep Podcast with Aaron Watson

Click to listen. Source: Going Deep Podcast

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