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How to Become a Bank

Source: Bloomberg

Category: Corporate Management, Credit, Digital Media, Finance

The Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in the World

San Francisco should be in here, depending upon how its defined: The greater Bay Area is about $1,000 a square foot, but if you take the city proper, its on par with NY/London/Paris.   also Source: Jackson Rowe

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Mapping Every Power Plant in the United States

Source: Visual Capitalist

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Motorists Are Shelling Out More on Vehicle Repairs

Source: WSJ

Category: Digital Media, Economy, Politics, Really, really bad calls

What’s Really Warming the World?

Click to see breakdown of human factors. Source: Bloomberg

Category: Digital Media, Really, really bad calls, Science

The Future as Foretold by the Past

Click for a ginormous graphic. Source: Brain Pickings h/t Know More

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United Nations of Debt

Source: Visual Capitalist

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Yellen’s Labor Market Dashboard

Source: Bloomberg

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Largest Source of Immigration in Each State (ex-Mexico).

Source: BAML

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Charting a Decade of Yuan Moves

Source: Bloomberg Brief

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