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The Universe of Pop Culture Bears

I woke up this morning, and true to my travel history, markets are under pressure. After I saw the futures this AM, I thought of this:

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Where Are Clothes Manufactured?

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Degrees of Spending

Click for some interactive internets. Source: Retale

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Amazon Fire Phone Review: Full of Gimmicks, Lacking Basics

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Tweets of the Week 7.25.14

Markets & Investing The chase for higher yield continues Investors are rushing into emerging markets looking for higher yields — Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) July 23, 2014 Contrarian investing at its finest the more people say you can't buy bonds, the higher bond prices go. it's kind of awesome — J.C. Parets (@allstarcharts)…Read More

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Marijuana Laws by State in USA

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Top 50 S&P 500 Companies’ 401(k)s

  Click for the interactive version.   Source: Bloomberg Visual Data  

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Searching for water on Ganymede

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The Middle East Friendship Chart

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Global House Price Index

Home sales, at least in the U.S., seem to be rising. Existing home sales in June increased to 5.04 million annualized. That number may be affected by the weather, as June sales most likely come from contracts signed after the depths of winter.

To find out if this is a global improvement, we can take a look at the International Monetary Fund’s Global House Price Index. Its data and lovely infographics give us a few interesting things to digest. (You can also use the BIS data or OECD statistics).

The first chart shows the annual percentage change in housing prices. The U.S. is 10th, and housing prices in the country are still far below (35 percent, or so) their 2006 peak.

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