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Predicting the Future of a Housing Crisis

via NYT


A Gloomy Outlook for Home Sales’ Big Season
NYT, March 6, 2009

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Job Losses in Recent Downturns

Why does this chart look so familiar . . .? > via NYT Oh, thats why: Job Losses: Comparing Recessions (February 7th, 2009) Post WWII Recession Job Recoveries (Months) (February 9th, 2009) Job Losses in Post WWII Recessions (February 9th, 2009) Household Employment from Peak (February 9th, 2009) > Source: Job…Read More

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Unemployment hits 25-year high

Some nice chart porn from CNN Money: > > Source: Unemployment hits 25-year high Chris Isidore, Jobless rate hits 8.1% in February as a record-high 12.5 million people are unemployed. senior writer March 6, 2009: 9:01 AM ET

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Historic P/E Ratio for the S&P 500

I love a beautiful chart: > Table of P/E is here via Marshall

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U.S. Auto Sales Depression Continues

via Bob Bronson:

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Geography of a Recession

via NYT Source: Job Losses Show Breadth of Recession DAVID LEONHARDT NYT, March 3, 2009

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Matrix of Investor Decision Making

via Jake at Econompic

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Ghoulish Bank Charts

Source: A ghoulish prospect Economist, Feb 26th 2009

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2009 FOMC Guide

Nice graphic via Merrill’s David Rosenberg: >

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