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US Treasury: Bringing dreams to life…

Interesting street art in NY located at Broome & Bowery:



Thanks, David

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Billion vs Trillion

We previously looked at a Billion vs 1,000 Million; This is a nice example of relative size of numbers: > > via NYT

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Broader Unemployment Measure Hits 15.6%

The U6 Measure of Labor Under-utlization is the broadest measure of Unemployment the BLS releases: U6 Unemployment Via Jake of Econompic

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New Home Sales & Recessions

Nice graph: > Chart via Calculated Risk

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Fast Money, Faster Photoshop

The wonders of PhotoShop: > Original group shot: via CNBC (Source: Current Fast Money: via CNBC Source:

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Chinese Holdings Of U.S. Assets

From BCA: China currently has about 64% of its foreign reserves in U.S. assets, a level that has declined gradually from as high as 84% in 2003. The majority of Chinese holdings of U.S. assets are risk free and long-term in nature, but there has been a clear trend in China’s reserve holdings that shows…Read More

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Big Hedge Fund Money

Things are tough all over: > via NYT Top Hedge Fund Managers Do Well in a Down Year LOUISE STORY NYT, March 24, 2009 >

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Buying Risky Assets

via NYT > Source: U.S. Expands Plan to Buy Banks’ Troubled Assets EDMUND L. ANDREWS and ERIC DASH NYT, March 23, 2009

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Divergence: 52 Week Lows and S&P500

> Source: Listening to the Echoes of 1938 MICHAEL SANTOLI Barron’s MARCH 21, 2009

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S&P500 Earnings

Some perspective as to the magnitude of the current economic decline: Today’s chart illustrates that 12-month, as-reported S&P 500 earnings have declined over 80% over the past 18 months, making this by far the largest decline on record (the data goes back to 1936). In fact, real earnings have dropped to a level not seen…Read More

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