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The Morning After

Coyote ugly


“The Party’s Over”
McCain/Palin Art Book
Zina Saunders, 6:30 am November 5th 2008

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Viva La Vida by Coldplay

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Nissan 370GT

Actually, its the Nissan 370Z, but since it has a bit of a look of the Bentley GT, at least from the rear, I decided to rename it: Rear View: Front view: Interior: from

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Exit Polls (by Issue, Income, Age, Race, Gender)

Exit Poll Vote by Income Exit Poll Vote by “Top Issue” > Source: Voters Cast Their Ballots With the Economy in Mind, Exit Polls Indicate BOB DAVIS WSJ, NOVEMBER 5, 2008

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Repudiation ?

> I am a political independent, and when I see a graph like this, I have to wonder: Was this a shift away from the GOP, or towards the Dems, or simply a repudiation of W. ? I don’t pretend to know — but the map sure implies a major change. Was it a one…Read More

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2008 Election Results from Google

Google has a slew of new election related maps; here’s a basic one: US President

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Front Page News

Some of the front pages of major newspapers WSJ NYT

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Realtime Election Tracking

Intrade is running a Realtime Election Tracking of EVs, based on state bty state betting.

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Karl Rove EC Forecast: 338 Obama, 200 McCain

> Source: Election 2008: State of the Race Rove.Com, Novermber 3, 2008

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The Electoral Map: Key States

Yesterday, we showed the electoral map cartograph by votes, rather than geography.  Today, we stumbled across a similar map via the NYT: Electoral Votes Geography Graphics via NYT

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