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Nissan 370GT

Actually, its the Nissan 370Z, but since it has a bit of a look of the Bentley GT, at least from the rear, I decided to rename it:

Rear View:

Front view:



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Exit Polls (by Issue, Income, Age, Race, Gender)

Exit Poll Vote by Income Exit Poll Vote by “Top Issue” > Source: Voters Cast Their Ballots With the Economy in Mind, Exit Polls Indicate BOB DAVIS WSJ, NOVEMBER 5, 2008

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Repudiation ?

> I am a political independent, and when I see a graph like this, I have to wonder: Was this a shift away from the GOP, or towards the Dems, or simply a repudiation of W. ? I don’t pretend to know — but the map sure implies a major change. Was it a one…Read More

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2008 Election Results from Google

Google has a slew of new election related maps; here’s a basic one: US President

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Front Page News

Some of the front pages of major newspapers WSJ NYT

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Realtime Election Tracking

Intrade is running a Realtime Election Tracking of EVs, based on state bty state betting.

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Karl Rove EC Forecast: 338 Obama, 200 McCain

> Source: Election 2008: State of the Race Rove.Com, Novermber 3, 2008

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The Electoral Map: Key States

Yesterday, we showed the electoral map cartograph by votes, rather than geography.  Today, we stumbled across a similar map via the NYT: Electoral Votes Geography Graphics via NYT

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Relative Influence of Individual Voters by States

This map shows each state re-sized in proportion to the relative influence of the individual voters who live there. The numbers indicate the total delegates to the Electoral College from each state, and how many eligible voters a single delegate from each state represents. > Source: How Much Is Your Vote Worth? SARAH K. COWAN,…Read More

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Graphs, Electoral College

Nice depiction by chart: via

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