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Total US Jobs

Nice interactive graphic via USA Today:


Jobs May Rebound in 2010
USA Today, February 6, 2009

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Drawing Down TARP

> Source: Bailout Plan: $2.5 Trillion and a Strong U.S. Hand EDMUND L. ANDREWS and STEPHEN LABATON NYT, February 10, 2009

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Economic Stimulus Plan Mapped Out

Want to know where 900 billion dollars are going? Here’s another grpahic depiction of the stimulus plan. click for ginormous chart > Source: Obama’s Economic Stimulus Plan Mapped Out, February 9, 2009

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Taking Apart the $819 billion Stimulus Package

> Source: Taking Apart the $819 billion Stimulus Package Washington Post

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Consumer Spending Off at an Unprecedented Rate

Amazing chart via Merrill Lynch’s David Rosenberg: >

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Uncle Sam’s Growing Portfolio

Perfect for today’s bailout announcement: via Portfolio

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Sam Zell’s Commercial Real Estate Debacles (by City)

via NYT > Source: Sam Zell’s Empire, Underwater in a Big Way CHARLES V. BAGLI NYT, February 6, 2009

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GDP Adjusted per Capita

Bob Bronson observes: “GDP charts showing instead of -3.8% for 4Q it was -4.8% when properly adjusted for both the business cycle components and/or (as it turns our) for the growth in population or the labor force. And because of a huge pop in involuntarily accumulated inventories, working them off will cause 1Q ’09 to…Read More

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Earnings Cyclicality

This chart suggests that earnings sure are cyclical via Chart of the Day

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Barron’s vs. Cramer: The Charts

Barron’s observes: “By most measures, Jim Cramer did worse than the market, but CNBC and the TV journalist have taken few steps to clarify his exact performance for his show’s growing audience.” Here are the charts Barron’s uses to make their argument:

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