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GDP Adjusted per Capita

Bob Bronson observes:

“GDP charts showing instead of -3.8% for 4Q it was -4.8% when properly adjusted for both the business cycle components and/or (as it turns our) for the growth in population or the labor force.

And because of a huge pop in involuntarily accumulated inventories, working them off will cause 1Q ’09 to be even worse than the reported -3.8% for 4Q ‘08, which is an important contribution to the stock market making its selling panic low during the current quarter, which is probably the “worse point in the recession,” or when it reaches its peak negative acceleration, consistent with the history of most bear market lows.


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Earnings Cyclicality

This chart suggests that earnings sure are cyclical via Chart of the Day

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Barron’s vs. Cramer: The Charts

Barron’s observes: “By most measures, Jim Cramer did worse than the market, but CNBC and the TV journalist have taken few steps to clarify his exact performance for his show’s growing audience.” Here are the charts Barron’s uses to make their argument:

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Living on the Cusp of History

Martin Wolfe suggests the following: First, focus all attention on reversing the collapse in demand now, rather than on the global architecture. Second, employ overwhelming force. The time for “shock and awe” in economic policymaking is now. Third, make future normalisation of fiscal and monetary policies credible. Fourth, act in concert. Even the US cannot…Read More

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‘Real’ unemployment rate hits a record 13.9% in January

> via David Rosenberg, Merrill Lynch

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Monthly Change in Key Indicators

Cool looking chart, via Credit Suisse, Global Strategy. Not sure what it means, but . . . > Source: Global IP Scorecard: At the Trough? Credit Suisse, Global Strategy

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TARP Recipients and their Bonuses

These are really three different issues: 1) The CEO compensation; 2) Commission/P&L bonuses of profitable employees; 3) Misaligned compensation packages of the CDO/mortgage-backed buying managers. The first one is a symbolic issue (and is irrelevant IMO) and the second one is perfectly appropriate — its the 3rd one that has become so problematic. > 2007senior-officer…Read More

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Executive Pay & Perks

Nice pair of tables from the NYT: > Sources: In Curbing Pay, Obama Seeks to Alter Corporate Culture STEPHEN LABATON and VIKAS BAJAJ NYT, February 4, 2009 Scrutiny of Bankers’ Perks Will Grow, Too ERIC DASH NYT, February 4, 2009

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Madoff 13,500 Client List

The following is the Madoff client list — released by the bankruptcy court — 160 pages, 13,500 clients. Madoff Client List Publish at Scribd or explore others: Court Filings Business & Legal madoff customers

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January Car Sales

> Sources: Auto Sales Start 2009 at an Abysmal Pace NICK BUNKLEY NYT, February 3, 2009 Detroit Reels as Auto Sales Skid JOHN D. STOLL and ALEX P. KELLOGG WSJ, FEBRUARY 4, 2009, 6:02 A.M. ET

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