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Fall On Me

DocumentDays like today make me both nostalgic and more than a little angry. So rather than grinding my molars and let the blood pressure run up, my favorite coping mechanism is putting on a slice of music from an earlier period of life — a simpler time.

Not that I ever imagined that the 1980s would be considered a simpler, almost quaint era, but that’s what abdication of the historical role of government providing for the common self-defense does to you.

I was a huge REM fan in grad school. Document and Life’s Rich Pageant got constant play (a classic two sided recorded tape, back in the day of — wait for it — cassettes) as did Murmur and Reckoning.

Lifes_rich_pageantThose tapes were a staple of every road trip. Way back when, cars had cassette players built into them, and CD players were a rare luxury. Those tapes lived in an old girlfriend’s 300ZX.   

For those of you who may not be all that familiar with them, here’s a great review of R.E.M., as well as the wikipedia entry.

Given what a sucker I am for a good cover song, you can imagine that when I heard Cry Cry Cry’s version of Fall On Me I’d be all over it:

Murmurclick for MP3 of Fall On Me:


Original IRS video for Fall On Me:

And there is a live version of the song here.

R.E.M. has a forthcoming CD/DVD release, R.E.M. LIVE., recorded in Dublin, coming out in October.


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Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0

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What happened to Google Blog Search?

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Quote of the Day: iPhone

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iPod Update

Between the office move and the markets lately, I didn’t get a chance to address the new iPods/iPhone. Let’s do that now.

Back in January,
I noted why I did not think the iPhone would cannibalize the iPod:  Apple would migrate the touchscreen downstream to the smaller
and non iPhone "pods." Nine months ago, I noted it was only a matter of time before Apple would bring out a touchscreen (non-phone) iPod.

Well, that came to pass.

As to the rest, I got some of the new products, prices and capacities right. I got some aspects wrong. Back in January, I estimated what Apple’s products and price points might look like.

Here is a comparison with those forecast and the actual products:


  Product Pricepoint Actual Product Actual Pricepoint
Apple iPhone
10/5 GB
$499/439 16 GB $399
iPod touchscreen*
100/60 GB
  $379/329 iPod touch
16/8 GB
iPod "Classic"
80/30 GB
$279/229 iPod Classic
160/80 GB
  iPod Nano
10/5 GB
$199/139   iPod Video Nano
8/4 GB
Shuffle 1 GB $59 Shuffle 1 GB $79


First, it turns out that my estimates of 12-18 months was off — it only took nine months. Second, I wildly under-estimated the capacity of the classic iPods. Third, I wildly over-estimated the capacity of all the flash based iPods and iPhones.

But I did get many of the products, names and pricing pretty darned close. 



The WSJ has an interesting history of all the iPods, and Apple’s stock price:
click for larger graphic


BTW, if you want to have a laugh, go to Amazon and search for the the existing iPods — an 80 Gig iPod is $349 . . .


UPDATE:  September 6, 2007 7:32pm
To Amazon’s credit, any search for iPod also includes this result: New iPods



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