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Wish List Dreams

Many thanks to those of you who have sent holiday gifts off of the wish list.

Its not the dollar amount, but the thought that is so greatly appreciated — like the charming and inexpensive gift from a reader in Europe — I know it cost very little in dollars (and less in Euros!) — but it was very thoughtful and made me laugh. (Thank you, Monique!)


For those of you want additional guidance, consider the following parameters (as a goof) to guide you in your gift giving — no matter who the recipient is.

Here’s my short set of suggestions to facilitate selecting presents for your loved ones:

Hedge funds with excellent returns

Active Traders (with pretty good returns)

Hedge funds with pretty good returns

Long Term Investors

Hedge funds with not so good returns


Seasons Greetings!


UPDATE: December 14, 2007 6:47am

Thanks alot, to all who wrote in.

As I said, its the thought that counts — unless anyone is buying me a 45 foot boat.
Then, its the gift that counts . . .

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JJ Grey & Mofro

I was starting to put together this year’s Different Kind of Top 10 Music List (prior versions here: 2006, 2005  and 2004), when I realized I hadn’t written up one of my favorite discs this year: Country Ghetto by JJ Grey & Mofro.

I was driving home one night.,. when I hear this sound come oozing out of my car speakers: A funky, steamy, swamp rock blues number, with a long intro that finally came to a great groove: (slide over here and click Turpentine)

On the strength of that song, I ordered the disc, and I was not disappointed. The music is a great cross-breeding experiment across genres: Start with swamp rock, add some smoldering blues, slip in  vintage soul, and finally, some gospel-fried funk.

Songwriting influences are apparent: Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker,
Jerry Reed, Bill Withers, Otis Redding, Dr. John, Sly
& The Family Stone, Van Morrison, Howlin’ Wolf, George Jones, and James Brown.


"a down-and-dirty delight, and a fine addition to the swamp rock canon"

"intriguing and fortuitous… Grey’s a songwriter with a sharp wit and a knack for skewering the hypocrites, jive politicians and carpetbaggers who litter the landscape. The MOFRO vibe travels freely among swamp funk, blues, rock and soul, and does so with a certain down-and-dirty swagger that’s as real as it is appealing."    -Billboard

"A Southern-fried Sly and the Family Stone."    -Don McLees

Other links: 

Home page
My Space (5 streaming songs)


Videos after the jump.

(Um, might someone from Madison House Management consider releasing some higher quality videos to YouTube?   Most of these are pretty medicore sound quality . . . )


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