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Analyze Geographic Data

UUorld (pronounced “world”) is a 4-dimensional mapping tool that — its a way cool software program that allows you to depict data geographically and over time.


Percent of Loans in Foreclosure, 2007

via uuworld

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The Bailout Tab

Cool graphic from the Sunday NYT: click for ginormous chart

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Uncle Sam Wants You . . .

I believe this was from a German magazine — the grammar isn’t quite right . . . Hat tip Gretz from Switzerland

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Sarpaneva: Luna-Tick

Cool watches from Stepan Sarpaneva: > > Sources: Sarpaneva Watches Luna Tick From Finland, a classically made watch with edgy steampunk style for moonstruck collectors. James Scott Linville | Illustration by Eric Nyquist WSJ Magazine, NOVEMBER 11, 2008

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Racing Towards Zero

> Source: Fed Weighs Its Options as Europe Cuts Rates JOELLEN PERRY and JON HILSENRATH WSJ, DECEMBER 5, 2008

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Mortgage Refinancings Soar

via NYT Merrill Lynch’s Rich Bernstein adds: “The weekly percent change of the Mortgage Bankers Association Index of Applications was the greatest since at least 1990. However, a report last night on National Public Radio might lend some insight behind the numbers. The report suggested that mortgage applications, especially for refinancing, were rising. However, the…Read More

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Auto Sales

November’s stink auto sales: > Source: Another Month of Miserable Auto Sales NICK BUNKLEY NYT, December 2, 2008

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Age of the Earth

So cool: via U.S. Geological Survey

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Inaugural Address

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Too Many Brands?

Just how are the Detroit 3 about shrinking their vast lineups of different brands and models to match the current harsh reality of the market? Between them, General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler sell 112 different car and truck models through 15 brands in the United States. By contrast, the top three Japanese automakers —…Read More

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