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Dead iPod

My 40 gig iPod, which has never given me a stitch of trouble since I got it January 2005, is now "corrupted."

I went through the process of restoring the pod, but kept getting a
"1429 error."

That was the error message last nice when I put her into the cradle to synch/recharge. I see from Apple I can pay $249 to have it serviced, meaning "replacement iPods may be new, used or refurbished."

Or, I could spend $237.49 to get a new 30 Gig video iPod. Its thinner, lighter, with a color screen that plays video.

What I really was planning on doing was waiting a few more months for the new touchpad (nonphone) iPod. I could always pass a 30 Gig video pod down to the wife, but she prefers 4 Gig Nano.


The two suggestions to rescue the iPod that I will try next are 1) Unplug all other USB components, then Restore; or 2) Use Disk Utility and either “Delete” or “Partition” it (and if that fails go to Tab “Erase”) and if that fails,open the “Security Options…” and choose “Zero Out Data” then click Erase.

If anyone has better suggestions, I am all ears.

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