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Corporate Logos Remixed for Crisis

Here’s a few favorites from Business Pundit:





There’s some more at the link below . . .

After The Crisis: A Parody of 15 Corporate Logos
Business Pundit December 9, 2008

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Analyze Geographic Data

UUorld (pronounced “world”) is a 4-dimensional mapping tool that — its a way cool software program that allows you to depict data geographically and over time. > Percent of Loans in Foreclosure, 2007 via uuworld

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The Bailout Tab

Cool graphic from the Sunday NYT: click for ginormous chart

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Uncle Sam Wants You . . .

I believe this was from a German magazine — the grammar isn’t quite right . . . Hat tip Gretz from Switzerland

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Sarpaneva: Luna-Tick

Cool watches from Stepan Sarpaneva: > > Sources: Sarpaneva Watches Luna Tick From Finland, a classically made watch with edgy steampunk style for moonstruck collectors. James Scott Linville | Illustration by Eric Nyquist WSJ Magazine, NOVEMBER 11, 2008

Category: Consumer Spending, Digital Media

Racing Towards Zero

> Source: Fed Weighs Its Options as Europe Cuts Rates JOELLEN PERRY and JON HILSENRATH WSJ, DECEMBER 5, 2008

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Mortgage Refinancings Soar

via NYT Merrill Lynch’s Rich Bernstein adds: “The weekly percent change of the Mortgage Bankers Association Index of Applications was the greatest since at least 1990. However, a report last night on National Public Radio might lend some insight behind the numbers. The report suggested that mortgage applications, especially for refinancing, were rising. However, the…Read More

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Auto Sales

November’s stink auto sales: > Source: Another Month of Miserable Auto Sales NICK BUNKLEY NYT, December 2, 2008

Category: Consumer Spending, Digital Media, Economy

Age of the Earth

So cool: via U.S. Geological Survey

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Inaugural Address

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