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Arguing With Gun Nuts on Twitter Bingo

Not you, I mean the real nuts!



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An Autumnally Colored Leaf

Source: The Guardian

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Drone Strikes and Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan

Source: The Economist

Category: Digital Media, Politics, Technology, War/Defense

Job Creation in the United States

Source: US Census

Category: Digital Media, Economy, Employment

The 2015 Knowledge Brokers

Fascinating and detailed story:   Click through to read full profiles. Source: Chief Investment Officer

Category: Digital Media, Finance, Investing

Every Active Satellite Orbiting Earth

This is an amazing graphic   Click through for full interactive graphic. Source: Quartz

Category: Digital Media, Technology

Shifting Center of Gravity

Source: Harvard Business Review

Category: Digital Media, Economy

The World According to Free-Float Equity Market Capitalization

Source: BAML

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Economic instability in China raises the risks of global deflation

September Business Cycle Update: Economic instability in China raises the risks of global deflation, but U.S. economy is solid Source: Fidelity

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Returns Per Asset Class 2015 YTD

Nice chart via Deutsche Bank:   Source: Deutsche Bank

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