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Largest Source of Immigration in Each State (ex-Mexico).

Source: BAML

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Charting a Decade of Yuan Moves

Source: Bloomberg Brief

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What’s the Fastest Spaceship in History?

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Fascinating interactive by the Economist seeing how various policy issues might play out in the future if Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. Presidency. Tagline: “She wont he election by leaning right on national Security and Left on the Economy; now comes the fallout . . . ”   Click to take a look through the hypothetical situations. Source: The…Read More

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Plant Capacity by Power Source in Megawatts

Source: Washington Post

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Five Big Brands Using Renewable Energy

Source: Make It Cheaper

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The US Averages One Mass Shooting Per Day in 2015

Source: WonkBlog h/t KnowMore

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Where the Commodities Meltdown Will Hurt the Most

Source: Bloomberg

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The Rise of the Tech Industry

click for ginormous graphic click for ginormous graphic Source: The Economist

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Top 25 Ranking of Alternative Asset Managers

Source: Chief Investment Officer

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