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2015’s Tax Day By The Numbers

Source: Wallet Hub

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Ripping Off Uncle Sam

Source: Bloomberg

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London Napa Valley, CA (displays earth movement after the earthquake) Source: Bloomberg

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Presidential job approval ratings from Ike to Obama

I cant say exactly why, but I find this to be an intriguing and amazing dataset:   Source: Pew Research   Reagan and Clinton are the only two who didn’t see their numbers fall off a cliff; Ike and Obama seem only fell of modestly.

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I am pleased to have made the list of top 100 Economic Influencers on Twitter. You can see the full list and methodology at Captain Economics.   Source: Captain Economics  

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Mapping the Spread of Drought Across the U.S.

Click for an crazy-cool animated version. Source: NY Times

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Source: US Census

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State Minimum Wage Map

Source: Bloomberg

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Confused Person’s Guide to Middle East Conflict

Source: The Atlantic

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Blue Line Jumps 11 Percent

Source: The Onion From The Onion: Excitement swept the financial world Monday, when a blue line jumped more than 11 percent, passing four black horizontal lines as it rose from 367.22 to 408.85. It was the biggest single-day gain for a blue line since 1994. “Even if you extend the blue line’s big white box back…Read More

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