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Global Carbon Footprint

Source: ScienceBlogs


Previously: Global Carbon “Footprint” by Nation


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Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015

click for larger graphic Source: Gartner via Gartner Symposium

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Animorphic Graffiti Letters and Characters

Source: Odeith

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The Real Wolves of Wall Street

Source: Master’s in Accounting Degrees

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The Shapes of Snowflakes

Source: Compound Interest

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Climate Change in Perspective

Amazing interactive Climate Change infographic is jaw droppingly beautiful:   click for awesome interactive graphic via Bloomberg      

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Evolution Less Accepted in U.S. Than Other Western Countries

Wedged between Cyprus and Turkey — Go America!   Source: National Geographic

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Opec States Scramble to Avoid Debt Default

click for ginormous graphic Source: The London Times

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World Hot Spots That Could Ruin Your 2015

click for interactive graphic Source: Bloomberg

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Livability Index: Best Cities For Young People

click for giant interactive Source: Vocativ

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