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Economic Indicators Dashboard – June 2014

Source: Russell Investments

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Is It Better to Buy or Rent?

Click for an interactive calculator. Source: The Upshot

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External Prominence and Minimum Speaking Fee

Source: Center for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts     I don’t know what to make of this chart . . .

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Tweets of the Week: 6.20.14

Markets/Investing Invisible Hand of The Fee Market in action Estimated number of funds launched/liquidated from 1996 to Q1 2014 (not a fun time to be in the hedge fund business). — Vconomics (@Vconomics) June 20, 2014 Oil = $107 Crude-oil prices are near $107 a barrel after militants attacked Iraq's biggest oil refinery:…Read More

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Interview: XMSR Stand Up with Pete Dominick

Click to play audio Source: Stand Up! with Pete

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Star Wars Yoga

This tickles me: Click to enlarge Source: ReflectionOf.Me

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PSYOPS – Wars Are Fought On and Off the Battlefield

Source: h/t Washington’s Blog

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Tweets of the Week 6.13.14

Stocks & Markets Time-IN the market… Investors,aka market MIS-timers. Behavior is the #1 determinant of investing success. Chart from Millennial Money — Patrick OShaughnessy (@millennial_inv) June 11, 2014 Low Vol begets…? Q: Does near record low volatility beget even lower volatility going forward? Hint: Volatility is mean reverting. — Charlie Bilello, CMT (@MktOutperform) June…Read More

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World Cup of Everything Else

The WSJ has an insane chart of just about any factor you could think of to slice and dice the World Cup competitors.   Click for insane interactive graphic Source: WSJ

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10 Biggest CEO Pay Raises

Source: Network World

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