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10 Biggest CEO Pay Raises

Source: Network World

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Source: World Economic Forum

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Most Wired Countries in the World

Relative to last week’s whine about US telecom infrastructure:   Click for full list. Source: Bloomberg Visual Data We’re # 13! We’re # 13!

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The Top Advisor Blogs and Bloggers

It is an honor and a privilege to be included in the Top 50 Financial Advisor Blogs And Bloggers:   click for full list Source: Kitces   Michael Kitces explains: “While blogging and social media for financial advisors continues to become more popular, one of the common challenges I hear from advisors trying to get…Read More

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Tweets of the Week: 6.6.14

Stocks & Markets Whats a bubble? @ritholtz @BV An asset Bubble is an asset that is rising, that you have not invested in… — Arthur Hogan (@ArthurHoganIII) June 4, 2014 Good question: If the economy is so weak, why are transports and airlines so strong? $XAL $TRAN #stocks — Marc Lichtenfeld (@stocksnboxing) May 29, 2014…Read More

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What Will (Literally) Kill You

Click for an interactive version. Healthdata via Slate.   Last month, we looked at the concept of risk. It is quite revealing, as we learned what we fear is big and scary and exciting, when instead we should fear the more mundane things in life, like cholesterol and heart disease. Similarly, investors often fear big…Read More

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Infoposter: History of Economic Thought

Full size infographic after the jump
econ history

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Tweets of the Week 6.1.14

Markets & Stocks That’s a lot of spare coin Apple has $150.6 billion cash; it could buy: BEATS Netflix Tesla Twitter Dropbox Pandora Uber Pinterest Spotify Airbnb and have $31B left. — Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) May 28, 2014 I ain’t afraid of no posts The "Fear Index" isn't showing much fear these days. But could it also be a signal to higher returns ahead? —…Read More

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Bloomberg Brief: 2 Months Free for TBP Readers

I have been getting the Bloomberg Brief for a long time — its a very good daily subscription showing an overview of a variety of market and economic factors. Readers of the Big Picture can get a 2 month free trail subscription on the graphic below and filling out the usual forms. (No, I don’t…Read More

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Asset Class Dashboard

Nice way to show asset class performance from Russell Investments:   click for larger graphic Source: Russell Investments

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