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Quote of the day: “Earnings, Dividends & Buybacks”

Floyd Norris mentions a wild data point:

“Over the last four years, since the buyback boom began, from the fourth quarter of 2004 through the third quarter of 2008, companies in the S.&P. 500 showed:

Reported earnings: $2.42 trillion
Stock buybacks: $1.73 trillion
Dividends: $0.91 trillion”

Geez, did these guys really spend every dime they made in profits on stock buybacks and divvies? That doesn’t really leave a lot of money to go back into R&D, new product development, are anything else innovative.


Shareholder Value
Floyd Norris
December 10, 2008, 11:31 AM

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Why Are Banks So Different From Autos?

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S&P500 Dividend Yield vs 10 Year Treasury

Randall Forsyth of Barrons pointed out that the dividend yield on the SPX has surpassed the yield on the 10 year, and asked a few people what this might mean. Fascinating data point. I wrote back that this tells us a few things: 1) After a 47% freefall, Stocks have gotten relatively cheap, at least…Read More

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