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Global Middle Class More Promise Than Reality







Source: Pew Research

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The Why of Weak Wages

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland


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Puerto Rico Has Highest Debt Per Capita of All States

Source: Bloomberg

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Interview with Stanford Economist Alvin Roth

Interview with Alvin Roth Stanford economist on matching theory, kidney markets and the importance of coffee Douglas Clement | Editor, The Region Published June 15, 2015   |  June 2015 issue       Interview conducted March 11, 2015 In “normal” markets, prices adjust to equate demand and supply; the market clears. This simple premise is at the core…Read More

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The Unfolding Greek Crisis

Source: Deutsche Bank Research, “The House View – Greece: Take it or break it”

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Euro Area NCBs Contributions to the ECB’s Capital

Source: European Central Bank

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Long Term Drivers of Economic Growth & Profits

My favorite quarterly chart book is out. These few charts caught my eye:


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The Greek Referendum: Choose Your Poverty

Source: Chappatte

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Economic Impact of Same-Sex Marriage

Click through for an interactive graphic. Source: Williams Institute

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China, Brazil, Russia Holding Back Global Growth in 2015

  click for full interactive research report Source: Bloomberg Brief

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