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Sunday Nite Linkfest

I’ve been travelling, working on two killer projects (one finance related, the other, a deadly research piece on the music industry) — so the weekend link fests have suffered. While its still ugly out, I’ll post a few items for your weekend.  These are worth your while:

Core Prices versus Non Energy Earnings – On the one hand, there’s no inflation, ex-energy. On the other hand,
SPX earnings look good — but only if you include energy. Which is it?

The California SUV Fill Up Index Here’s what the 15 largest SUVs cost to tank up (brace yourself)

• While everyone is watching the (so-called) Real Estate Bubble, I don’t see many people asking "Is Oil a bubble?"   

• I’ve heard several commentators opine that maybe an inverted Yield Curve ain’t so bad. They are wrong.

How I Learned to Love Economics  (via New Economist

• When Oil prices and interest rates rise together, they have been a reliable Recession Predictor; Ask yourself if its different this time (and why).   

• More on LEIs — the Mis-Leading Economic Indicators

• If you think I’m skeptical about BLS/BEA stats, you should see this guy’s work: Shadow Government Statistics

• Here’s a fascinating idea: The Business Experiment  — Its
is an open-source  site meant to explore the wisdom of crowds,
business, and the distributed nature of work. Can a group of online
strangers democratically create a business plan, and wiki-like, execute

• Odd thought:  Is Real Estate Climbing a Wall of Worry?

• Chris Anderson’s Long Tail asks: “Why are the current generation of music services so dumb?”  Compared to IMDB, that is . . .

• A very interesting blog:  The Indian Economy   

• Lastly, why do people review books at Amazon? (via kottke)

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Understanding the Inverted Yield Curve

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Mis-Leading Economic Indicators

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Recession Predictor

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Core Prices versus Non Energy Earnings

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Energy Finally Dragging Down Spending

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What price changes behavior?

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Chart of the Week: Inflation Adjusted Gasoline

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More Conundrum

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WSJ: Economists Join Blogging Frontier

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