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Do fundamentals or emotions drive the stock market?

McKinsey — the fine folks behind some of the worst financial ideas of the past 1/2 century — ask the question:

Do fundamentals—or emotions—drive the stock market?

Normally, I prefer to give the author the benefit of the doubt, and let the idea stand or fall on its own merit. But McKinsey has demonstrated such a wanton incompetance as to so many financial matters, that I simply cannot.  Enron has been called "the house that McKinsey rebuilt." I’m not sure which was worse, the financial advice, or the egregious ethics.

Regardless, they are a tainted source to me. I cannot overlook their lack of broad vision, the reckless lawlessness of their advice, and the stench of general hubris that envelopes the firm.

I can read their late-to-the-party take on Behavioral Economics, but I cannot forget that these are the financial engineers of the nation’s largest corporate collapse. 

So why bother?

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