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The new jobs data is a terrific boost to the Bullish camp (where I have been since February 2).  It was strong enough to keep the expansion growing, but not so robust as to force the Fed’s hand.

As I wrote yesterday, I am thrilled to be wrong on "the under" this time around. Yields are coming in, oil is softening, and the Dow is closing in on multi-year highs. If we close above those highs — an admittedly big if — that will officially kick off the next major leg higher.

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Nonfarm Payroll data: 15 year chart

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My expectations about the Jobs Report

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CNBC The Mystery of the Awful Economists

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The Mystery of the Awful Economists

“We have 2 classes of forecasters: Those who don’t know… and those who don’t know they don’t know.” — John Kenneth Galbraith I’ve been making a fortune lately. (No, I don’t own any Google IPO shares). Each month, I’ve been betting on the outcome of the Non-Farm Payroll report against my economist colleagues. I’ve been…Read More

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Greenspan’s New Forecast

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Read it here first: China’s Latin American Oil Grab

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Waiting for Kedro

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Surging Home Prices

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Greenspan versus the Bond Market

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