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Inflation Paints Fed Into Corner

Inflation? You Don’t Say!

Underlying inflation accelerated in March, increasing the odds that
the Federal Reserve will continue to raise interest rates despite a
slowing economy:

7 Consecutive Quarters of CPI Gains (1.5% or better)
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Source: WSJ

The CPI gains follow a long rise in Producer Prices (PPI):

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Source: WSJ

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal has to say about yesterday’s CPI data: 

"Consumer prices jumped 0.6% in March from February, the Labor Department said, led by higher energy costs. But even excluding the volatile food and energy categories, "core" prices rose a relatively sharp 0.4%, after a 0.3% increase in February.

Separately, a Federal Reserve survey of business conditions in its 12 districts found "upward price pressures have strengthened, although actual increases to date … have generally remained moderate." The Fed’s "beige book," released yesterday, added: "Much of the pressure derives from energy costs, although contacts cited the lower dollar and rising costs of building materials as well."

Is this really a surprise? As noted yesterday, anyone who was paying attention knows that inflation has been creeping up for 3 years:

Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) Index
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Source: Stockcharts

So where does that leave Easy Al? The Fed is boxed in: They can raise rates, but it will have a negligible effect on Chinese commodity demand, and hence, commodity inflation.

On the other hand, it will have an impact: it will slow the only robust sector of the American Economy — the Real Estate complex.  Everything from Real Estate Agents to Contractors to Builders to Mortgage Brokers to Durable Goods have enjoyed robust expansion due to half century low interest rates. That includes the home builders, as well as Home Depot, Lowes and Masco.


Its another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Ollie.


U.S. Inflation Picks Up Speed, Bringing Rate Increase Closer

Consumer Prices Rose 0.6% In March on Energy Costs; ‘Core’ Index Climbed 0.4%
Greg Ip
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, April 21, 2005,,SB111399987730511876,00.html

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