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My expectations about the Jobs Report

I wanted to address a few emailers on yesterday’s column, and today’s CNBC appearance.

Yes, I am out on a limb with this jobs report – but as I said on the air – that was an off the cuff remark – I don’t track jobs or do the leg work to accurately forecast them. Instead, I track the market and its reactions to economic data.

But the bigger issue is why have the forecasters been so wrong? Something odd is going on, and no one has figured it out yet.

Still, I find the ongoing forecasting error to be fascinating. As I mentioned, tomorrow is the dismal crowd’s best chance to win “the over,” with a 225 consensus and a 300k “whisper number.” (Who’s the CFO that’s whispering? The Fed Chair? Damned if I know).

Even though I took the under, this is one bet I HOPE I am wrong about . . . 

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CNBC The Mystery of the Awful Economists

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The Mystery of the Awful Economists

“We have 2 classes of forecasters: Those who don’t know… and those who don’t know they don’t know.” — John Kenneth Galbraith I’ve been making a fortune lately. (No, I don’t own any Google IPO shares). Each month, I’ve been betting on the outcome of the Non-Farm Payroll report against my economist colleagues. I’ve been…Read More

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Greenspan’s New Forecast

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Read it here first: China’s Latin American Oil Grab

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Waiting for Kedro

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Surging Home Prices

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Greenspan versus the Bond Market

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The Economist ReWeights its Commodity-Price Index

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China’s Oil Grab

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