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Losing Our Intellectual Edge


We’ve addressed this several times over the past year:  Initially, last January (Is the balance of scientific power shifting?) and then again in October (Economics, Security, and the Decline of the US Creative Class).

Now, the story is on the front page of the NYT:  U.S. Slips in Attracting the World’s Best Students. Here’s an excerpt:

"What we’re starting to see in terms of international students now having options outside the U.S. for high-quality education is just the tip of the iceberg," said David G. Payne, an executive director of the Educational Testing Service, which administers several tests taken by foreign students to gain admission to American universities. "Other countries are just starting to expand their capacity for offering graduate education. In the future, foreign students will have far greater opportunities."

Foreign students contribute $13 billion to the American economy annually. But this year brought clear signs that the United States’ overwhelming dominance of international higher education may be ending. In July, Mr. Payne briefed the National Academy of Sciences on a sharp plunge in the number of students from India and China who had taken the most recent administration of the Graduate Record Exam, a requirement for applying to most graduate schools; it had dropped by half.

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chart courtesy of NYT

The Times notes that while "foreign applications to American graduate schools declined 28 percent this year," actual foreign graduate student enrollments dropped 6 percent. Enrollments of all foreign students, in undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral programs, fell for the first time in three decades in an annual census released this fall.

Where are the students actualy going instead? "University enrollments have been surging in England, Germany and other countries."

I suspect sloppy administration of post 9/11 security rules are in large part to blame.



U.S. Slips in Attracting the World’s Best Students
Sam Dillon
NY Times, December 21, 2004


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