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Comparing Recoveries: Real GDP

Econ recov
Source: Crestmont Research


Ed Easterling, president of Crestmont Holdings LLC, created the chart above comparing various economic recoveries. He selected those that followed similar annual declines in real gross domestic product.

As the chart shows, the present economic recovery is the most sluggish we have seen.

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Tale of Entire RE Market via 6 Houses

Source: NY Times

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Sovereign Debt Stresses

Source: JP Morgan

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Potential Growth in Emerging Asia

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Kiron Sarkar Week in Review (1.25.14)

Overview Markets declined sharply towards the end of the week. Emerging markets were hit, in particular, which comes as no surprise to me – I have been bearish for quite a while. Traders blamed the declines in emerging markets to the weaker Chinese PMI data and the situation in Argentina. Quite frankly, I’m surprised that…Read More

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Economic Indicators Dashboard

Click for an interactive graphic. Source: Russell Investments

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Wealthometer: How Does Your Houshold Wealth Compare?

Click for an interactive calculator. Source: Wealthometer   Income inequality has been all over the news this year. Political fights about raising the minimum wage are in the near future. A related, but just as fascinating, issue is how wealth is distributed. Click through on the calculator above, and you can see where your families…Read More

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The Role of Total Hours Worked in Japan’s (Lack of) GDP Growth

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The Productivity Paradox: Is Technology Failing or Fueling Growth?

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