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The Rise and Fall of Minimum Wage

Source: NY Times

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The Minimum We Can Do

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The Rise and Fall of Circuit City

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Mapping Poverty in America

Click for an interactive graphic. Source: NY Times   If you missed it over the weekend, Sunday’s New York Times had an amazing interactive graphic on where poverty is in the U.S. Over the past 50 years, the poverty rate in the nation has fallen from 19 percent to 15 percent in essentially two generations….Read More

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Better Than Expected US Economic Data

Once again, US economic data came in better than expected. The ISM manufacturing index came in at 57.0 in December, with the employment  component at 56.9, another increase. New orders improved to 64.2, though export orders declined to 55 from 59.5. The prices paid component suggested that inflation remains tame. Generally, the data supports the…Read More

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Typical Boomer Retirement Modest Compared to Parents’

From Bloomberg: The expectation that each successive generation will be better off financially than the prior is no longer valid. Contributing to this new reality has been the diminishing role of traditional pension plans with defined benefits in favor of 401(k) savings plans. Source: Bloomberg

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Restless America: State-to-State Migration

From Vizynary: Approximately 7.1 million Americans moved to another state in 2012. That’s over 2.2% of the U.S. population. The United States has a long history of people picking up and moving their families to other parts of the country, in search of better livelihoods. That same spirit of mobility, a willingness to uproot oneself,…Read More

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A (Somewhat) Bursting Bond Bubble

Another holiday present from Goldman Sachs: Source: Goldman Sachs, “Top of Mind”, December 18, 2013.

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More Food For Thought (& Eating)

Very cool infographic from the Economist, showing improvements in food availability worldwide:   The world has become better fed over the past 50 years Click for an interactive graphic. Source: Economist

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But Bad Government Policies Are Making Inequality Worse By the Day AP reported Tuesday: The growing gap between the richest Americans and everyone else isn’t bad just for individuals. It’s hurting the U.S. economy. *** “What you want is a broader spending base,” says Scott Brown, chief economist at Raymond James, a financial advisory firm….Read More

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Just How Big Is Walmart?

Source: MotherJones  

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