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More American Households Rely on Government Benefits

Source: U.S. Census

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Flow-of-Funds Report – ‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly

December 10, 2013 Q3: 2013 Flow-of-Funds Report – ‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly I know that being a Debbie Downer gets more face time on cable news, but after looking at the Fed’s latest Financial Accounts of the U.S. report, formerly known as the Flow-of-Funds report, I cannot contain my optimism about the economy’s…Read More

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Terry Jeffrey, Hack Extraordinaire (Fun with Numbers Again)

@TBPInvictus here. In yet another stunning display of journalistic malpractice, Terry Jeffrey put out the following piece after last Friday’s NFP release:     Because it suited his (political) purpose, Jeffrey jumped on the Household Survey; looking at the Establishment Survey would not have provided such a dramatic headline. Indeed, it would have provided, for…Read More

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The View From Europe

I spent the early part of this week presenting at several conferences in Belgium, in and around Brussels. I was the not-so-randomly selected person to give the American take on the state of the global economy and capital markets. Or, at least, an American take. I never want to misrepresent my own biased and conflicted…Read More

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November 24, 2013   Unless the Fed Goes Cold Turkey on Us, Expect a Bountiful Economic Harvest for Thanksgiving 2014   If your Thanksgiving family dinner conversation is anything like mine this Thursday, it will be dominated by a discussion of how the U.S. economy and its financial markets will be behaving after nearly a year of…Read More

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Sarkar: Monthly report – November

The US October non farm payroll (NFP) report came in much stronger than expected at  +204k jobs, rather than the +120k expected, with August and September revised higher. Furthermore, subsequent weekly unemployment data confirms that the US employment situation is improving. US Q3 GDP was better than expected, at +2.8% on an annualised basis, higher…Read More

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Slowdown: Europe’s Recovery Not Dead Yet

Source: WSJ   The headlines this morning are all agog about Europe. “ECB’s Praet: All Options on Table: Central Bank Could Adopt Negative Deposit Rate, Asset Purchases If Needed,” said the WSJ. “Europe Recovery Wanes as Germany Slows, France Contracts” was the Bloomberg hed. The FT’s Martin Wolf wrote, “Why Draghi was right to cut…Read More

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Beware of Falling Gas Prices

Source:   The American Automobile Association reports that the average price of a gallon of regular gas is $3.19. (The U.S. Energy Information Administration has regular gas at about $3.26). Since peaking at the end of July 2008 at $4.11, then collapsing to $1.65 that December, Gasoline prices have been on a wild ride….Read More

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About Our “Spending Problem” (Revisited)

@TBPInvictus here It’s a well established fact that the Obama administration has been spending like a drunken sailor since the day he was inaugurated. I first wrote about his spendthrift ways here, toward the end of 2010 (has it already been three years?). Some time has now passed, so how’s it going? Let’s take another…Read More

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D.C. Is Dragging Down the Economy

click for larger chart Source: Econtrarian   The past two days have seen two positive surprises in economic data. Yesterday, the gross domestic product came in at 2.8 percent growth, significantly better than consensus expectations of 2 percent. This morning, payrolls jumped by 204,000 workers, against median estimates of 163,000. Now imagine how much better…Read More

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