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The Greek Referendum: Choose Your Poverty

Source: Chappatte

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Economic Impact of Same-Sex Marriage

Click through for an interactive graphic. Source: Williams Institute

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China, Brazil, Russia Holding Back Global Growth in 2015

  click for full interactive research report Source: Bloomberg Brief

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IRS Income Data on US Households

Source: Bloomberg

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Largest Company by Revenue in Each State

Source: WonkBlog

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World Wealth Report 2015

The new World Wealth Report for 2015 is out, and its chock full of fascinating data and graphics from Cap Gemini and RBC:   click for even bigger graphic Source:

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A Tale of 2000 Cities

Looks like today is all real estate all the time: Source: Demand Institute

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US Economic Performance by State

Fixr observes that wealth varies widely across each of the 50 states. Just how widely is shown in the map below. States colored in dark green have highest GSP per capita; the lowest are in yellow. The size of each State is proportional to Real Gross Domestic Product for 2014. Real GDP is the US grew by 2.2% in…Read More

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Jobs Are Staying Vacant Longer

Source: WSJ

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Fine, when you ignore history

This must be the “new normal” everyone​’s talking about​. Where a cyclical low ​in the ​unemployment rate​, to the the low 5 percent range​,​ is met with a courtly high stock market and talks of an impending rise in rates. Sure there is a feeling in some pockets ​of the economy ​that “things” are much…Read More

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