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The Rise and Fall of Labor Force Participation in the U.S.

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The Impact of Unemployment Duration on Compensation Growth

The Long and Short of It: The Impact of Unemployment Duration on Compensation Growth M. Henry Linder, Richard Peach, and Robert Rich Liberty Street Economics, February 12, 2014     How tight is the labor market? The unemployment rate is down substantially from its October 2009 peak, but two-thirds of the decline is due to…Read More

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Another Meaningless Non Farms Payroll Report

Regular readers may recall that I’m not a big fan of this Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation data series, as it is unusually noisy and subject to further revisions and modeling adjustments. (See Ignore Today’s — and Most — Jobs Reports). As we discussed not too long ago, the Employment Situation report is “the…Read More

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How Risky Are Recessions For Top Earners?

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A Mis-Leading Labor Market Indicator

A Mis-Leading Labor Market Indicator Samuel Kapon and Joseph Tracy Liberty Street Economics, February 03, 2014     The unemployment rate is a popular measure of the condition of the labor market. With the Great Recession, the unemployment rate increased from a low of 4.4 percent in March 2007 to a peak of 10.0 percent in October 2009….Read More

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More U.S. Companies Are ‘Reshoring’

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Employee Compensation Costs During the Recovery

Employee Compensation Costs During the Recovery Joel Elvery The Federal Reserve’s two mandates—to keep inflation under control and to promote employment growth—overlap when it comes to employee compensation. Inflation typically leads to increases in nominal compensation, and firms increase prices in response, creating a feedback loop that pushes inflation higher. Compensation also rises when labor…Read More

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Don’t Expect Job Data Alone to Persuade Fed on Rates

Source: NY Times

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