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Did Obamacare Cause an Increase in Part-Time Employment?

A reader emailed the following question about this weekend’s WaPo column (ObamaCare: Investing Advice for Senator Ted Cruz):

“How can you make investment decisions about future returns in light of Obamacare driving so many workers to part time status?”

Ahhh, a classic bit of misdirection — an assumption built into a question. The first step in answering that is to verify the reality of that assumption: Has Obamacare actually caused an increase in part-time employment?

As you can see in the black line below, the number of part time workers spiked because of the Great Recession. It peaked and began to slowly reverse before the ACA was even passed. No, there does not appear to be an increase caused by Obamacare.


click for ginormous chart
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Source: Economic Policy Institute



Funny how these memes gain traction.

Since I have repeated myself so many times, perhaps I should try phrasing this somewhat differently: You better really, really enjoy your partisan politics & Fox News, because it is an incredibly expensive hobby if you are an investor.



Obamacare Isn’t Causing an Increase in Part-Time Employment, In One Chart
Max B. Sawicky
Economic Policy Institute October 3, 2013

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Yay! Its a No-NFP Non Farm Payrolls Friday !

Okay, so here is the deal: We have no report of the NFP data today. The net impact of this? Nothing. Total loss to the investment community? Nada. Actual impact to the economy? Zilch. There are two things we need to understand about this report: The first is what makes it significant; the second is…Read More

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Government Employees By Location

click for interactive graphic Source: Washington Post

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Greatest Resignation Letter Ever

This was awesome: Dear Barton: You have a man in your employ that I have thought for a long time should be fired. I refer to Sherwood Anderson. He is a fellow of a good deal of ability, but for a long time I have been convinced that his heart is not in his work….Read More

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A Crisis That Reshaped the U.S. Economy

  Click for interactive graphic Source: WSJ

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NonFarm Payroll & Taper & Fed, Oh, My!

Here is the latest silly storyline of the month, aka media filler: The Fed is debating tapering QE; Today we will get the very last Employment situation report before their next FOMC meeting. In case you have not been near a TV the past month, this FOMC meeting is the big one, where they decide…Read More

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Consumer Confidence: A Useful Indicator of . . . the Labor Market?

Consumer Confidence: A Useful Indicator of . . . the Labor Market? Jason Bram, Robert Rich, and Joshua Abel Liberty Street Economics     Consumer confidence is closely monitored by policymakers and commentators because of the presumed insight it can offer into the outlook for consumer spending and thus the economy in general. Yet there’s…Read More

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Unemployment Declines, but Not Everywhere

Nice set of charts from Floyd Norris this weekend that you may have missed:   The recovery is lumpy Click to enlarge Source: NYT

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