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How to Measure Underemployment?

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“What’s Your NFP Number?” [Don't have one]

This morning, the single most asked question I hear is “So what’s Your NFP Number?” That’s one of the more interesting side issues about this Maine event/fishing trip/conference. Its overrun with economists and Fed folk, who are the fairly focused on short term data. Regular readers number I have little interest in making bad predictions…Read More

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White House: A Better Bargain for the Middle Class: Jobs

This has been circulating following the President’s speech yesterday, but I haven’t seen it anywhere online. Hat tip Bruce Bartlett

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USA: 1940 vs 2010

Henry Blodget references this wonderful graphic from Census in a column in Fiscal Times.


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Hat tip Henry Blodget, Fiscal Times

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How non-employment has changed since the financial crisis

Toil and trouble Source: Economist

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Employment Gender Gap

click for full graphic Source: NYT   Nice set of charts via Floyd Norris of the NYT from his weekly “Off the Charts” column, which was about this surprising datapoint: “All the jobs lost by women during the Great Recession have been recovered, at least in the private sector. But men still have a way…Read More

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Economic Inequality Is Not An Accident, It Was Created

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Pre NFP Melt Up, European Rally Edition

click for updated futures       Its a holiday weekend, so I am not going to detail all of the usual factors about NFP. Last month’s critique – THE MOST IMPORTANT EVER NFP blah blah blah — should be reread; You can see the past 1000 or so kvetching posts on the subject of NFP…Read More

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Cyclical Unemployment, Structural Unemployment

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Really!?! With Ben & Janet

Look Out Below, Fed Tapering Edition
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6.20.13 futes



Really traders!?! Did you really believe that the Fed was never going to stop buying bonds? Really?!?

Do you think that the Fed was going to have an infinite accommodation, and that rates were going to stay at zero forever? Is that what you expected from the Central bank. C’mon, Really!?

And what about the dreaded hyper-inflation you have been warning us about for so long? Inflation has been so low for so long that it had its name legally changed to Deflation. Really!

Source: Trading Economics


Where you out the day Bernanke said he was targeting Unemployment, which has fallen from nearly 11% to 7.6%? Did you forget about that? Really!?!

Source: FRED

And this entire Risk On rally — did you really think it was going to last forever? Really? US Equity are up nearly 150% over the past 5 years, didn’t you think it had to eventually slow down? Did you actually believe Markets were a uni-directional bet? Really?!?

SPX 5 year


The Fed has a dual mandate — stable prices and maximum employment. Did you really think there was a third component of maximizing your risk free equity returns? Really!?


This has been Really!?! With Ben & Janet.

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