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Speculators & Oil Price Spikes, Part II

Why is it that market-worshipers claim fundamentals are responsible for equity prices, but speculators are to blame for Oil prices?

Bill King goes even further: "There is a fervid, global crusade, especially by politicians, to pin escalating oil prices on speculators."

On the other side of the argument, George Soros warns Speculators are largely responsible for driving crude prices to their peaks in recent weeks. And Germany has called for ban on oil speculation altogether. (See John Authors video here)

My own view is that speculators have contributed to the price to
some degree, but the tight supplies and freefalling dollar get more

This weekend, John Mauldin looked at a variety of factors impacting oil prices, and if you missed it over the long weekend, its worth a few minutes of your time.

Rather than adding to the noise, lets look at a few charts — both pro and con — that may reveal some insight as to the impact of speculators.


The Impact of Commodity Index on Spot Prices


Commodity Prices and the Weak Dollar


Not Widely Traded Commodities



This is only a brief survey, and I’m sure I missed some worthy links — please add related articles in comments . . .


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John Authers
FT, May 20 2008 19:54

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John Authers: Speculators & Oil Price Spikes

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Another good Friday on CNBC — excellent guests, discussing real issues, and in great detail.

Like the interview two weeks ago with David Einhorn and William Ackman, this shows how good finacial television can be when a smart guest discusses weighty topics with sufficient time to go into details beyond bumper sticker.

I don’t know much about David Walker, but I was very impressed with him. Here’s info on the Peterson Foundation.

I don’t think the videos have as much Walker as they did on TV . . . 


Private Equity With Pete Peterson
click for video

Discussing the state of private equity, with Pete Peterson, The
Blackstone Group chairman/co-founder and David Walker former U.S.


Wall Street Star
click for video

Perspectives on the economy, with Pete Peterson, The Blackstone
Group chairman/co-founder and David Walker former U.S. Comptroller



Video: David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital, William Ackman, Pershing Square Capital

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