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Trichet 3, Bernanke 0

Wild day in the pits — DJIA up 213.97, Nasdaq up 46.80 (and over its 200 day moving average!). Crude oil up over $6 intraday, closing up $5.49 to $127.90.

Blame ECB chair Trichet, whose hawkish inflation pronouncements helped tank the greenback and send oil soaring.

In the battle of the Central Bankers, its Trichet 3, Bernanke 0

UPDATE: June 6, 2008 5:48am

See this Bloomberg story,  Trichet Leads Shift From Growth to Beating Inflation


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Uh-Oh: Economist Cover on Oil

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Boone Pickens: Speculation a ‘Scapegoat’ for Oil Prices

Billionaire Boone Pickens, founder and chairman of BP Capital LLC, talks about his investment in wind power, the impact of speculation and demand on oil prices and Microsoft Corp.’s efforts to buy Yahoo!

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Pickens Calls Speculation a `Scapegoat’ for Oil Prices: Video
Bloomberg, June 2 2008

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NYMEX Raises Margin Requirements for Crude

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Dallas Fed: Oil Heading Back Under Par

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Oil Exporters Are Unable To Keep Up With Demand

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The Costanza Energy Policy: 25 Ways to Drive Oil to $150

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Speculators & Oil Price Spikes, Part II

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John Authers: Speculators & Oil Price Spikes

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Trouble in the Hamptons?

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