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9.1 Degrees

The trustee Oregon Scientific is reading a frigid 9.1 degrees this morning here on Long Island! Man, that’s cold!

Watch energy consumption and prices this week . . .



Prices on these have come down dramatically


UPDATE February 5, 2007 6:56am

Barron’s Technical columnist, Michael Kahn warns about rising cold — and energy prices — at Marketwatch

Watch out if crude moves through $60   

Marketwatch February Trading Strategies: Cold Snap

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Falling Bonds, Rising Yields

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GSCI Cuts Energy Exposure (Again)

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Conspiracy Theories?

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Oil Price Cycles Up, Then Down

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Calling All Conspiracy Theorists!

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Why is Oil Dropping (and what might its impact be)?

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Gasoline Prices

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Falling Gas Prices Help Low End Consumer

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