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Open Thread: Falling Dollar, Rising Gold, Oil, Inflation

Now that the currency traders have weighed in on the Fed Cut, perhaps a rate cut is not the salve many are hoping / begging for.

With Oil breaking $80 today, and Gold scoring higher, the question before the house is as follows: What are the repercussions of more rate cuts? If the Fed does take rates down to 4.25%, or even 4.0%, what happens to the following:

-US Dollar, Euro, Yen


-US Treasuries


-Real Estate (global)

-US Equity Markets

-Soft commodities (Wheat, Corn, etc.)

Two articles might be relevant in coloring your discussions:

Forecasters Increase Odds Of Recession Over Next Year (free WSJ)

Oil Rises to Record $80.18 on Larger-Than-Expected Supply Drop (Bloomberg) 

What say ye?



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