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Oil Movements

With oil over $97 today, I thought this graphic from FT was apropos:

The rising oil price, which flirted with $100 a barrel this week, risks pushing the global economy, already threatened by the credit squeeze, into a deep and prolonged slowdown. Our map examines the world’s largest oil producers, consumers, and how oil flows around the world


Oil: Producers & Consumers

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Cartograph of Oil Reserves

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Crude Oil = $94

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Oil = $88

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Inflation? What Inflation?

A tale of two headlines:

Inflation Fears Hit Eurozone


Goldman Sees Funds Rate Cut to 3%

Won’t someone please explain this to me?

How is it possible that the regions of the world with strong currencies — like Europe, U.K., Australia, and Canada — are having inflation problems. And yet at the same time, the nation having a record low currency — i.e., the United States and our Dollar — doesn’t seem to either inflationary pressures (At least according to official CPI data). And we seem to have little concern about further currency induced price increases.

Am I the only person who finds this incongruent?

If Goldman Sachs is correct, and the Fed does eventually cut rates to 3% — what might that mean for various dollar priced commodities like Oil & Gold?

Probably very little — if (and this is a big IF) we are in the throes of a recession. But what if the Bulls are right, and this is merely a mild mid cycle correction?

A 3% Fed rate could mean Oil at $150 and Gold at $1200.

Excerpts after the jump . . .



Inflation fears hit eurozone

By Ralph Atkins in Frankfurt and Krishna Guha in Washington
FT, November 27 2007 18:02

Goldman Sees Funds Rate Cut to 3%
Greg Ip
WSJ, November 27, 2007, 9:26 am


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Crude Oil = $99

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PPI Follow Up

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Widening Spread Between Nat Gas and Crude Oil

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Are Retail Stocks Bargains?

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Crude Oil = $98; Gold = $845

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