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Falling Oil Prices Not Good for the Economy

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BP considering the sale of its 50% shareholding in TNK-BP

Japanese capital spending (ex software) rose by +3.5% YoY in the 1st Q, slightly lower than the increase of +4.9% in the previous Q. Post tsunami spending is helping, but the economy will face headwinds in the 2nd half of the year; The official Chinese PMI fell to 50.4, from 53.3 in May, lower than…Read More

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Average US Retail Gasoline Prices

Source: Bianco Research   Its the official start of the summer driving season — and that means a closer look at gasoline prices. The peak this year was earlier than last — April 5 (2012) at 3.936 versus May 4 (2011) and 3.955. No recent year compares to the 2008 peak at 4.105.  

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Crude Oil Inventories

Click to enlarge: – Unlocking the Crude Oil Bottleneck at Cushing The U.S. oil infrastructure is the product of four decades of rising imports and falling domestic supply. As those trends have reversed over the last few years, America’s network of pipelines has failed to keep pace. Designed in part to ferry oil and…Read More

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Department of Energy Pretends that Low Levels of Radiation Are Safe

Nuclear Cheerleaders Use Voodoo Science to Pretend Low Levels of Radiation Are Safe … Or Even Good For You Dr. Peter Karamoskos – a nuclear radiologist and a public representative on the radiation health committee of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency – wrote in the Sydey Herald last year: You have to…Read More

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Highest & Cheapest Gas Prices by Country

Awesome set of data from Bloomberg:   Click to enlarge: ˜˜˜ Most expensive gas ranking: Price per gallon of premium gasoline:  Norway $9.69 Denmark $9.37 Italy $9.35 Netherland $9.35 Greece $9.23 Sweden $8.97 Hong Kong $8.89 Portugal $8.85 United Kingdom $8.84 Belgium $8.82 France $8.72 Finland $8.59 Germany $8.56 Ireland $8.34 Switzerland $7.95 Slovakia $7.93…Read More

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Big Oil Is Gaming the System to Keep Domestic U.S. Prices High

The U.S. Is Now EXPORTING Oil, But the Oil Companies Are Gaming the System By Switching To a Different Benchmark to Keep U.S. Oil Prices HIGH … And the Keystone Pipeline Will Create Even HIGHER U.S. Prices Leah McGrath Goodman – who has written for the Financial Times, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and…Read More

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Gas Prices Are Falling, And You May Not Like The Reason

Click to enlarge: ˜˜˜ Source: Bianco Research > The Wall Street Journal: As Gas Prices Fall, a Sigh of Relief Gasoline prices fell for the fifth consecutive week, extending a sharp decline that has eased fears that prices would soon top $4 a gallon at the pump. The average price of regular gasoline dropped to…Read More

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Fukushima Fuel Pools Are an American National Security Issue

Senator: Fukushima Fuel Pool Is a National Security Issue for AMERICA

After visiting Fukushima, Senator Ron Wyden warned that the situation was worse than reported … and urged Japan to accept international help to stabilize dangerous spent fuel pools.

An international coalition of nuclear scientists and non-profit groups are calling on the U.N. to coordinate a multi-national effort to stabilize the fuel pools. And see this.

Fuel pool number 4 is, indeed, the top short-term threat facing humanity.

Anti-nuclear physician Dr. Helen Caldicott says that if fuel pool 4 collapses, she will evacuate her family from Boston and move them to the Southern Hemisphere. This is an especially dramatic statement given that the West Coast is much more directly in the path of Fukushima radiation than the East Coast.

And nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen recently said (at 25:00):

There’s more cesium in that [Unit 4] fuel pool than in all 800 nuclear bombs exploded above ground…

But of course it would happen all at once.

It would certainly destroy Japan as a functioning country…

Move south of the equator if that ever happened, I think that’s probably the lesson there.

This week, Wyden said that the spent fuel is a national security threat to the U.S.:

AlterNet asked Sen. Wyden if he considers the spent fuel at Fukushima Daiichi a national security threat.

In a statement released by his office, Wyden replied, “The radiation caused by the failure of the spent fuel pools in the event of another earthquake could reach the West Coast within days. That absolutely makes the safe containment and protection of this spent fuel a security issue for the United States.”

[Robert Alvarez – a nuclear expert and a former special assistant to the United States Secretary of Energy] agrees, saying, “My major concern is that this effort to get that spent fuel out of there is not something you should be doing casually and taking your time on.”

Yet Tepco’s current plans are to hold the majority of this spent fuel onsite for years in the same elevated, uncontained storage pools, only transferring some of the fuel into more secure, hardened dry casks when the common pool reaches capacity.

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Fukushima to Burn Highly-Radioactive Debris

Japan is Poisoning Other Countries By Burning Highly-Radioactive Debris Fukushima will start burning radioactive debris containing up to 100,000 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram. As Mainchi notes: The state will start building storage facilities for debris generated by the March 2011 tsunami as early as May at two locations in a coastal area of…Read More

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