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On the Carbon Tax


Climate change seems like this complicated problem with a million pieces. But Henry Jacoby, an economist at MIT’s business school, says there’s really just one thing you need to do to solve the problem: Tax carbon emissions.

“If you let the economists write the legislation,” Jacoby says, “it could be quite simple.” He says he could fit the whole bill on one page.

Basically, Jacoby would tax fossil fuels in proportion to the amount of carbon they release. That would make coal, oil and natural gas more expensive. That’s it; that’s the whole plan.

Jacoby’s colleague John Reilly told me the price of gasoline might rise by 25 cents a gallon in the first year. Over time, that would increase. By 2050, Reilly figures the carbon tax would add about $1 to the price of every gallon. Across the economy, prices of energy-intensive goods and services would rise. This would encourage people and businesses to be more efficient.

This is why economists love a carbon tax: One change to the tax code and the entire economy shifts to reduce carbon emissions. No complicated regulations. No rules for what kind of gas mileage cars have to get or what specific fraction of electricity has to come from wind or solar or renewables. That’s by and large the way we do it now.


Economists Have A One-Page Solution To Climate Change
David Kestenbaum
NPR, June 28, 2013

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Marines Push for Solar Energy

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Who Won the Iraq War?

Iraq repays America by awarding oil contracts to China.

Chinese Oil Drill


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Solar Powered Window Socket

Source: Reflection Of Me

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BP Oil Spill Evidence of Massive Cover Up

  BP clean up worker Malcolm Coco told Al Jazeera that there has been a massive coverup of the size of the BP oil spill: This fire initially was the biggest fire ever in the world. But every day we exceeded those numbers …. [Clean-up worker Malcolm Coco] says he has evidence there was more…Read More

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Iraq War Could Have Paid For 100% Renewable Power Grid

For the Price of the Iraq War, The U.S. Could Have a 100% Renewable Power System Posted on April 11, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog What Are We Choosing for Our Future? Wind energy expert Paul Gipe reported this week that – for the amount spent on the Iraq war – the U.S. could be generating 40%-60%…Read More

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Why Is Wall Street So Hot for Solar Energy?

What should investors know about the solar industry? OneRoof Energy CEO David Field explains on Markets Hub.

Source: MarketBeat

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The Super Supercapacitor

Meet the scientific accident that could change the world:

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Is Oil-Demand Plateauing?

Click to enlarge Source: Bloomberg     The huge finds in Natural Gas and historically low prices on a per BTU basis is driving more more big energy consumers away from Crude Oil. This could lead to a global plateau in Oil demand by the end of the decade, according to Seth Kleinman, the head of…Read More

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National Gas Prices

Click to enlarge Source: WSJ     Interesting graphic on gas prices nationally . . .

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