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Meet Ben Carlson of RWM Institutional Asset Management in NYC

Earlier this year, RWM announced that we were adding Ben Carlson to our team, to develop our Institutional Asset Management division. We have been working hard to bring our vision of a lower cost investment process of reduced complexity to the institutional world. And we have been making terrific progress.

Towards that end, next month, Ben will be in town, delivering presentations to pension funds, family offices, endowments, trusts, foundations and other institutions about how RWM Institutional can help them.

To quote Ben, “the best risk controls an institution can implement to survive serious market disruptions exist within a straightforward, transparent and sufficiently liquid portfolio. So what’s an investor to do with the knowledge that a bear market will hit some day, but we don’t know when? In the words of Howard Marks, You can’t predict. You can prepare.”

We spend a lot of time and effort thinking through how investors, both individuals and institutions, tend to behave during these eventualities. Having a plan set up while NOW, while markets are near highs, is a smart strategy. The alternative is winging it in the midst of what looks like a crisis (but usually isn’t). Our experience has been that sleep-deprived, over-stressed investors, living on caffeine and adrenaline, is not the best process for dealing with market corrections or worse.

The time to read the card in the seatback in front of you is when you are on the ground, preparing for take-off — not when the oxygen masks drop and the aircraft is rapidly losing altitude. 

Next month, Ben, Josh and I will be meeting with prospective clients who would like to hear some of our thoughts on how we position our investment plans to survive the next bear market. If you’re involved with an institutional fund in any capacity or are an individual investor who would like to learn more about out process, we’d love to meet with you.

Ben will be in town giving presentations in our New York City office the week of November 17th.

For more info, email to or you can contact Ben directly for more information. Or you can call 212-455-9122 and ask for Erika.

Learn more about our institutional practice at Ritholtz Wealth Management here.

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Understanding Exchange-Traded Funds: How ETFs Work

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What If They Threw a Panic and No One Came?

Source: Bianco Research     “Its enough to give a long-term investor some hope for the future of finance.”   Here’s a bit of role reversal for you: Mom and Pop were content to ride out the market’s volatility this past month, more or less sitting tight. Meanwhile, the pros were driven to the point…Read More

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Elevator Down, Stairs Up

Source: WSJ

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Gold Miners Are No Longer a Proxy for the Metal

Let’s say this right up front: The SPDR Gold Shares Trust exchange-traded fund has killed the shares of the gold miners. For a few years now, I have been very skeptical about gold’s value as an investment (this may seem excessive, but see this, this, this, this,this, this, this, this, this, this and of course this). The primary reason for this is straightforward: Gold is bought…Read More

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A Secret Wall Street Brainwashing Machine is Wholly Unnecessary

Every now and again, I disagree with an article written by someone I like and respect. On occasion, an author will crank out a column that makes me angry. And on rare occasions, I will read something where I disagree with just about every sentence. Today is one of those total disagreement days. Marketwatch columnist Paul Farrell…Read More

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A Brief History of Financial Engineering

Killer slice of history from Bloomberg Business:   click for utterly ginormous infographic Source: Bloomberg Business

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John Bogle’s Investing Genius Needs An Update

Now before I commit blasphemy, a few words: I am as close to being a Boglehead as you will find, without actually being one. The bulk of my portfolio is in passive indexes. Most of the assets I manage are in a broad allocation model. This is a tribute to the wisdom and teachings of investing…Read More

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What is an Online Financial Advisor?

I thought this infographic was inforamtive. We launched our own online advisor last year called Liftoff:   Source: Paladin Research & Registry

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Why Gold & Oil Are Trading So Differently

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