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Folklore of Finance

I really enjoyed this report by State Street, which discusses how often Folklore dominates financial decision-making. Well worth the free download:



click for full PDF of research report

Source: State Street
Source: State Street

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U.S.-listed ETP Flows

Source: Fidelity

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John Bogle on the Rise of Index Funds

The founder of Vanguard explains why his invention is winning the battle for assets. Plus: The problem with ETFs, and why we need a transaction tax.

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Jack Bogle on Diversified Portfolios vs Speculation

9/9/2011 9:25AM

Buying and holding stocks and bonds for the long term and maintaining a diversified portfolio are still the smartest strategies for the average investor, says Vanguard founder Jack Bogle in answer to Mark Cuban and other critics of these traditional approaches. In the Big Interview with Journal columnist Jason Zweig, Bogle takes aim at the culture of market speculation. Betting on long odds, he says, “doesn’t pay off very often.”

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Biotech ETFs

Biotech ETFs May 1, 2014 David R. Kotok     We have been getting emails with questions regarding the biotech sector. The primary question is, “Is this a bubble?” Here is our view. First, we do not know that a bubble is a bubble until after the fact – after the bubble pops. What we…Read More

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Key Trends in a Milestone Year for ETFs

Source: WSJ

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Complete Histories – The South Seas Company – The Forgotten ETF

Click to enlarge Most people in the stock market have heard about the South Sea Bubble, the first stock market bubble, which took place in 1720, but few people realize that the South Sea Co. was also one of the first ETFs in market history.  Many people have seen a chart of the stock rising…Read More

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Short Looks Beautiful to Bond Investors

Nice chart from WSJ looking at various ways to express Bond trades; note the average duration is very short, and is in green at the far right:   Click to enlarge Source: WSJ

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Nikkei Downtrend (1982-Present)

click for ginormous chart Source: Kimble Charting   Awesome chart from Chris Kimble showing the Nikkei going back to 1982 — in particular, the downtrend that began in 1989 and still persists to this day. Chris notes that Declines of 32% to 60% taken place at this level for the past 20 years! One would…Read More

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Cheapest ETFs for Any Investment Objective

Very cool tool from ETF Database that allows you to select the least expensive way to express nearly any sector or style investment, with both lowest internal expense ratio and the median cost in that particular space. (Let me know if they missed any and I will inform ETF Database of the omission)   Cheapest…Read More

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