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St. Louis Fed’s Monetary Trends


Every month, the St. Louis Fed puts out their monthly book of charts. They cover lots of great stuff:

Monetary and Financial Indicators at a Glance
Monetary Aggregates and Their Components
Monetary Aggregates: Monthly Growth
Reserves Markets and Short-Term Credit Flows
Measures of Expected Inflation
Interest Rates
Policy-Based Inflation Indicators
Implied Forward Rates, Futures Contracts, and Inflation-Indexed Securities
Velocity, Gross Domestic Product, and M2
Bank Credit
Stock Market Index and Foreign Inflation and Interest Rates

Its a great source of lots of good things, all in one place. If you don’t have access to a Bloomberg terminal at the moment, you might otherwise have to search around to find all of these.

Monetary Trends
St. Louis Fed, January 2007

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Producer Prices & Inflation

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Catching up with Alan Greenspan

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Debt and its Discontents

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CPI update: Um, not so fast!

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NFP: Watch the Comp

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Is the Housing Bust Over?

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