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WSJ Goes All YouTube On Us

The WSJ goes all YouTube on us (via BrightCove‘s technology). It allows the embedding of their video onto other sites, and is generally more user friendly than other type of video.

Its Shockwave Flash 8 based, rather than WMV or other video ( should have ran with this technology instead of whatever madness they have been using).

This is the near-term future of internet tv — lighter and faster.

The only issue I’ve come across is there’s a small glitch — when you
email this, ask for a URL, or embed the video, the software embeds the
wrong code — this was supposed to be "Parsing the Fed" — and instead
we get a random video.

It works correctly on this video, bit not on the vid I originally requested. Odd.

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Intra-Day Reversal

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Parsing the FOMC Statement

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NFP: Watch the Comp

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