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Senator Bunning?

Interesting surprise coming up next week eventually that involves the infamous Senator Bunning, the Hall of Famer baseball pitcher with the 6.35 ERA rookie season.

Question for the assembled brain trust: What do we know about the Senator — beyond the obvious?

My issue with him has been with the rather harsh criticism of Ben Bernanke: How fair or unfair has his criticism been?

Have we really given Bernanke a fair shot?  I don’t want the charge in life to be the Defender of the Fed — but I’d like to know what the real deal is:

How much or how little responsibility does Bernanke have the present economic circumstances.

Was John Berry correct? The Washington Post reporter said that at "the Correspondent Association’s dinner (April 29), virtually all reporters treat discussions at such events as being off-the-record; He blamed Maria Bartiroma for the error."

Its easy to point fingers, but let’s get to the heart of the matter — how much of the present inflation is due to ultra low rates? Huge deficits? Unfunded tax cuts?

Phrased differently, who is more responsible for the present inflationary run up — Bernanke or Bunning’s Congressional Colleagues?

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And so it begins . . .

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CPI Null Set (via The Economist)

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