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NYTime’s Comment



I finally lost my NYT cherry today, with a quote in an article about Ben Bernanke (and look who I’m quoted with):

"Pundits began accusing Mr. Bernanke of vacillating.

"In jest, I’ve been saying that Mr. Bernanke needs to regain his monetary
manhood," Larry Kudlow, an economist and talk show host, recently told viewers
on CNBC. "He was people-pleasing Wall Street. Now he has got to go back on

Barry Ritholtz, an economic consultant and operator of an economic blog, the
Big Picture, went further and called Mr. Bernanke the "Neville Chamberlain of
inflation fighters."

"I got the sense that Mr. Bernanke was appeasing the stock market," Mr.
Ritholtz said in an interview. "It’s not that he has to go out and prove his
manhood and his street-fighting cred. It’s just that he has to navigate at a
particularly perilous moment in the economy, and he has to navigate absolutely

pretty cool . . .


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