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Does the Greenspan Era Provide Evidence on Leadership in the FOMC?

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Ben Bernanke and the Zero Bound

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Are Markets Rallying Themselves Into a Fed Rate Hike?

If a higher stock market is the Fed’s implied 3rd mandate, then are we rallying into a rate hike next week? We’ll see but the 2 yr note yield this morning is up to .75%, up 4 bps this week and to the highest level since April ’11. In terms of market sentiment as a…Read More

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Every Fed Member’s Position on Raising Rates

Where every Fed member stands on raising interest rates     click through for complete list  Source: Marketwatch  

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Fischer: U.S. Inflation Developments

U.S. Inflation Developments Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming August 29, 2015   I am delighted to be here in Jackson Hole in the company of such distinguished panelists and such a distinguished group of participants. I will focus my remarks today on forces–domestic and international–that…Read More

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It’s Pointless for Stock Investors to Fixate on Fed Liftoff Date By David Wilson The timing of the Federal Reserve’s first interest-rate increase since 2005 may have little effect on U.S. stocks, according to Ehiwario Efeyini, a senior research analyst at U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management. As the attached chart shows, the…Read More

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There have been several theories floating around for why the Federal Reserve won’t raise rates in September: oil at $40 a barrel means there’s no inflation; the volatility in global markets; falling commodity prices suggest a global slowdown is a risk that might become more likely if China’s growth falters. I find none of these…Read More

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Yellen’s Labor Market Dashboard

Source: Bloomberg

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Macroprudential policy – from Tiberius to Crockett and beyond

Macroprudential policy – from Tiberius to Crockett and beyond Speech by Sir Jon Cunliffe Deputy Governor for Financial Stability of the Bank of England, TheCityUK, London 28 July 2015       Historians still argue about the exact causes of the financial crash of AD 33 that rocked the Roman Empire. The commentators of the day…Read More

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Monetary Policy Normalization in the United States

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